Fashion Encore: The Return Of Ranveer Singh!

With the year passing by into a past that was, the Fashion Police would like to honor his sense of the redefined, being stylish.

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There was a time in the Indian film industry when male actors were duped to be style icons. A proud notion of yore, but a notion we seem to yearn a little too much now. With the sudden increase in populace of fashion labels, fashion shows, fashionistas and fashion models coming into the industry, we have been blessed by some keen partakers in this daunting task of making the men see the brighter side of a fabric (other than blue denims!). And among the new blood of Bollywood, there stands a man, lone and without any competition when it comes to recognizing his inner fashion diva. Ranveer Singh has come a long way from the hyper-energetic goofy hunk to a self confident hyper-energetic goofy hunk. This man knows no fear of judgement, is a master of bizarre and has immense love for himself. You cannot bring down someone who seems so contend with his every fiber of being. And thus with the year passing by into a past that was, the Fashion Police would like to honor his sense of the redefined, being stylish.

The Lavender Affair

Where the men in general are slaves to the blacks and whites of the worldly temptation that fashion is, Ranveer Singh had just not caught the eye but had given cricks in the necks of every single person who happened to spot him at the IIFA awards earlier this year. Draped in a lavender color suit by Tom Ford, a white check shirt with a violet tie and tanned formal shoes, Singh firstly left us speechless and well the only thing after that we could all do was swoon. He just didn't wear that suit, he owned that ensemble with his easy charm and that air of self assurance. And we might as well warn you that Mr.Singh does not believe in half measures. Observing a little closely, you are to find that the violet socks were part of this head to toe wonder.

Brocade Bonding
Playing safe, playing the obvious and definitely playing by the rule book is too admonishing for Ranveer Singh's personality. During the Filmfare awards this year, Singh had stepped out dressed to T in formals and how! Molding his torso in a brocade Louis Vuitton dinner jacket paired with dress pants, a white shirt with a black bow and motif loafers all by the same fashion house, Ranveer Singh was too endearing to be ignored. Where does he gets this magnanimous amount of confidence to actually step out and be so unconcerned about the world around which is actually stunned seeing a man making brocade look so wanting.

The Vision In White

Quirks and kicks don't just come in extra large sizes. A little addition of them here and there can also keep things as bright and the sun. Ranveer Singh took a somber route as per his boundaries and sashayed his way into the Tommy Hilfiger 10th Anniversary Party some months back, dressed in an all white suit. The added eye candy was his choice of a monochromatic shirt, a polka dotted piece which blended just too perfectly. Also, when Singh turned the noise up and went in his usual frenzy, through his moves we noticed the black lining running on the sides of his pants. Black formal shoes and the shock-wave hair had the everything else covered to make this man phenomenal.

Dotting Charm

A choicest few can have such trust over themselves that nothing wavers them from being what they want to be. We take a wild guess and may stand correct that you would find this neck-to-toe polka dotted appearance a thing to be left among the forgotten clutter, but we'll surely revisit this one just to feel liberated. For an interview recording during the promotions of his movie Kill Dil, Singh opted for this polka dotted three piece suit from Dior Homme's Fall 2014 collection paired with a polka dotted shoes, adding a maroon hat to break the monogamy. Ranveer Singh is no slave to stylists, safe choices and doormat syndromes. You'll just have to accept it that here's one person with an actual personality.

Of Songs and Birds
With all the praises raining on Mr. Singh, we'd just like to add that his cuteness quotient hikes the stakes to limits beyond. Going his usual way at a promotional event for his latest movie Kill Dil, Singh pulled on a  cream bandgala with vintage floral print by Rohit Bal. There can be a lot said for the lovely design and the soothing colors but when worn by Ranveer Singh the appeal is just poetic in masculinity. You'd his choices comical but we urge you to see them as character. Paired with brown pants and chocolate brown shoes, topped with a dark brown hat to keep the newly acquired goodies hidden, Singh was one enchanting soul with his adrenaline high and the range of his positive vibes far reaching.

Fashion is bound by the priority of always being perfect, the only correct thing and the most desired among any sin. But its also, liberating and knowing and has a way to adapt to your choices and thus be unique. Ranveer Singh takes his role in making his uniqueness come to live seriously and knows that being the master of oneself is understanding that clothes will take you only that far; its your blowing a soul into your drapped existence that makes all the decking up worthwhile. Until next time we have a fashion sonnet recited, we leave with Mr. Singh and his marvels. Do let us know what you think of his style file in the comment box below.

Writer: Nabila S.
Editor(s): Ritchelle C. and Sonia R.
Graphics: Nabila S.

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