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Farhan Akhtar asks, ‘Have you come here to be a Reality Star?’ after Abhay Deol takes a dig at Awards

Farhan Akhtar reacted to Abhay Deol’s claims of being demoted to supporting cast in ZNMD and said that he was not in the film industry to be featured on magazine covers or be treated like a ‘reality star’...


Actor Abhay Deol recently raised his voice against lobbying in Bollywood and even expressed his disconcert over awards shows demoting him and Farhan Akhtar to ‘supporting actors’ in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. In a recent Instagram post, Abhay had pointed out that Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif were considered to be the ‘actors in a leading role’, while he and Farhan were snubbed.

Now, Farhan has reacted to the same at the India Today e-Conclave and said that he was not in the film industry to be featured on magazine covers or be treated like a ‘reality star’. He further spoke about working in the industry and how one needs to work had to grab a spot.

“You are constantly hearing about some rat race and everybody is fighting each other to some kind of spot which does not exist. I mean the fact is you have to believe in yourself, you have to work sincerely, work hard, how many magazine covers you will do, whether you came on the front page of a magazine, or the front page of a newspaper,” he said.

“If that is your larger interest, I really feel that you are in the wrong profession. You’re not here for that. Have you come here to be an actor, director, singer, music composer, or have you come here to be a reality star? Have you come here to be just, I don’t know, a star?” added Farhan Akhtar.

Farhan also informed that seeking external validation might lead to momentary satisfaction but would only cause disappointment eventually.

Earlier, Abhay Deol made it to the headlines for his Instagram posts as he has been revisiting his earlier films — Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local, Manorama Six Feet Under (both 2007), Dev D, ROAD (both 2009) — and sharing a story behind them, with the hashtag #makingwhatbollywouldnt.

In a recent post, he opened up about the ways in which people in the film industry lobby against anyone. Now, in a recent interview with Hindustan Times, he called out Bollywood’s lobby culture and agreed that bias and nepotism can take a toll on a person’s mental health.


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Bana 3 days ago Have lost all admiration & respect for Farhan after this pathetic attempt to deflect the nepotism clique debate & put the blame on the victim instead.
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