Fans impress Sneha Wagh with food delicacies..

Sneha Wagh recently interacted with her fans at Bhopal who organized a feast of various delicacies for the actress..


Sneha Wagh who plays the lead protagonist in NDTV Imagine's Jyoti, produced by Sphere Origin recently went to Bhopal to interact with her fans out there..

The actress who has a huge fan following at Bhopal had a great time. "I had a breakfast meeting with media out there, and then visited the Hanuman Tekri where I had a photo shoot done. I then went Live on MY FM 94.3 and had a gala time interacting with fans. They had organized a contest, from which 20 selected women had come to personally meet me", quips Sneha.

The actress is known for being a complete foodie, and rightfully, her fans came to meet her with various delicacies to offer. "All the women who came to meet me brought some dish or the other. There was Noodles, Dhokla, pasta, cake, kabab, dhokla etc, and I just could not stop eating (smiles). Few even gifted me beautiful flowers and I got emotional as they pampered me as their kid. A lady even read out a poem which was written exclusively for me. They made me cut a cake and I gifted them with autographed post cards which had my photo".

The actress also went to Matr Chaya, an orphanage in Bhopal where she interacted with the kids present.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


Sneha Wagh

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sayanti_ashiuv 11 years ago awwwwww..cho chweet......i love sneha....thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
fm05 11 years ago Aww she is so sweet and humble.
I'm really impressed with her show, the treatment it is given is so realistic and the concept is well executed. Gr8 performances by all the cast too.
RKB_LUV 11 years ago it really shows in the pic where she is eating from fans, i love her for her sweetness, where after little success people fill like stars she is so down to earth
rakun 4eva
rakun 4eva 11 years ago thx
aw she is really sweet and down 2 earth
luv her in jyoti
-.Priya.- 11 years ago hope she remains like this always
-KingAragorn- 11 years ago quite down to earth! hope she remains like this always! :)
MaaU 11 years ago awwwww...so nice n sweet...she is very good as jyoti!
ashwitha 11 years ago aww so sweet...she is doing a gud job as Jyothi
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