Fans Give Sanjay Gagnani a New Name as ‘Villain-ero'

Sanjay Gagnani decodes the term 'villain-ero', a name given by his fans, says he is glad he does not fall in the typical villain category


The power of social media is strong and has the capacity to make or break situations. Playing the antagonist of Kundali Bhagya, one of the top rated shows in terms of TRPs, actor Sanjay Gagnani has come a long way and is loving every second of the social media attention and personal congratulations from fans he is getting. The actor states how he is loving the term ‘Villain-Ero’ and decodes the meaning for us.

“Villain-Ero’ is a term given to a person who is a perfect blend of Villain and a Hero. Although I am not too sure if that is an official English word as well, but the social media frenzy has given me this ‘khitaab’ if I can put it that way. The viewers today are smart and upright on what they feel on social media. They think I am a Villain in a Hero’s avatar. Also that’s the perception of people when I personally meet them as well. That comes primarily from two aspects. The first one is my unconditional love towards Preeta (played by Sharddha Arya). Although I am a villain in the show but my love for her is pure to the core. This is something which is expected from a Hero, hence Villain-Ero”.

“Second reason is that the audiences have excepted me not as a typical villain who used to be in shows earlier. Today’s villains is intelligent, equally smart looking like a Hero and their approach towards situations or people are different and not the typical villain sorts. I am happy I fall in that category or maybe one of those few who have managed to pull it off with grace and dignity”, he says.

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TheM5393 2019-06-12T20:09:07Z I am one of the unfortunate people who are unfortunately hooked to Kundali Bhagya, but with all due respect to Sanjay Gagnani, your character Prithvi is NOT a HERO, he is an out an out VILLIAN, and only a villian and would remain a villian.
najma123 2019-06-12T12:08:12Z Clearly, only villains are smart these days. And heroes and heroines are exceedingly dull.
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