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#FanLove: Celebrities recall the BEST GIFT ever received!!

From handmade cards to portraits, here's what they have to say.


Actors keep receiving gifts time and again and it sure is difficult to acknowledge all that they've ever got. However, big or small, gifts are always special and they always do matter to actors. We asked them their favorite gifts, and here's what they had to say about it.

Ssharad Malhotra 

I was beyond ecstatic when a fan came up to me and gave me a colorful phone case and it was quite unique and personalized. Aniruddh Dave
The best gift I ever received from a fan was my picture embossed on the curtains. Vivian Dsena 

I usually get wonderful gifts from my fans all the time, but I am especially fond of this poster a fan made for me. It's hanging up in my room and it's remarkable.

Arjun Bijlani

A fan had made a collage of my pictures and framed it. It looked awesome and I treasure it till date. Laksh Lalwani

I have received by so many stuffed teddy bears. Though I am not a kid now but still love those gifts because I got all those gifts from my fans.
Mrunal Jain 
Protein powder. The fan is an admirer of my physique and knows my fetish for protein shakes and protein bars. Asmita Sood 

Fans are an actor's biggest asset and I'm blessed to have an amazing set of fans who give me immense love and affection. I can't pinpoint one single gift that has been special. I think all of them have been special in their own way! What matters is that they take out time for us to do those special things, no matter how small or big and that is what counts. Jasmin Bhasin 

The best gift that I ever received from a fan a was this huge handmade card with my pictures. I felt so special as I feel it's still easy to go buy something but making something with your own hands needs real dedication and love. Krrip Kapur Suri 

Since I made portraits for my friends and my loved ones, so my fan also made one for me and it was the best gift I ever received. Shashank Vyas
The best gift I received is a letter written with a lot of thought and a scrapbook containing my pics in different moods.

Well, they sure do till date cherish those gifts, they're always special, isn't it? 

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anitarani 2017-02-19T01:01:39Z Goodday Vivian Dsena..Good to note that you like the gifts sent by your ardent fans.
NatalyMusketeer 2017-02-16T14:29:43Z We got a gift from Jasmin Bhasin in form of Teni in Dil Se Dil tak...
lanadara 2017-02-14T22:07:02Z Vivian Dsena love you handsome to the core .
NazAhmad 2017-02-14T04:38:07Z Vivian Dsena good morning cutie pie all the best ...
NatalyMusketeer 2017-02-13T14:56:49Z Jasmin Bhasin is a gift itself in her role as Teni...
RoseDsena 2017-02-12T22:17:22Z Vivian Dsena good morning my life have a great day a head ,,,
NatalyMusketeer 2017-02-12T17:41:30Z Jasmin Bhasin, love you so much as Teni in Dil Se Dil Tak...
Mahi.... 2017-02-12T08:58:11Z Shashank Vyas was awesome as Jagya in BV and now he is awesome as Captain Ravish in JNDSD.
naina-ana 2017-02-12T03:52:28Z Shashank vyas
Shashank vyas
Shashank vyas
RoseDsena 2017-02-12T02:03:52Z Vivian Dsena good morning love you my life love you beyond word ,,,,
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