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'Family always gives you the best gifts' Shilpa Anand

Shilpa Anand celebrates her birthday with India-forums…

Published: Thursday,Dec 10, 2009 10:44 AM GMT-07:00
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The first face of Riddhima in Star One's Dill Mill Gaye, Shilpa Anand celebrates her birthday today. She takes a freewheel ride with India-Forums as she talks about fun, family, friends and fans!

Over to the charming Shilpa…

Family always gives you the best gifts  Shilpa Anand
Happy Birthday to you Shilpa! So what are your plans for today?
Thank you for the lovely wishes. The first part of celebration today is going to be lunch outside with my family. In the evening I'm going out for a movie with my friends and family. Then later in the evening I'd probably go out with my friends, not exactly to a nightclub but a restaurant cum pub, where you know I can hang out with my friends and have maybe a drink or two!

What gifts are you expecting? Any special gift from a special someone?
I always get the best gifts from my mom and my sister. Family always gives you the best gifts. And then my close friends also give me some nice gifts. But this year has been very special to me because I got some lovely gifts from my fans- a Dior watch, some perfume bottles, a musical card, which I thought was very touching, I think it was Ritu Shrivastava and a group of fans altogether who organized it.

Tell us about your most memorable birthday till date.
It was the one which my sister had organized for me on the terrace of my building. Best part was I didn't have to go through any details of the planning. My sister arranged for everything. Everybody was there, my friends, family. So that was quite nice. But of course, all the birthday parties are special in their own way.

What do you look forward to in this New Year of your life?
Well, I always do something new every year. Every birthday I'm excited because I get to set new goals work hard towards the new achievements. So this year too I'm sure is going to be fun and exciting.

Your new year resolution?
Always have a goal, have a focus, take care of your health and be happy in life. That's it!

Three wishes of yours.
Health, wealth and happiness. Not just for me but also my friends and family.

Are you a cake lover? Which flavor is your favorite?
I love blueberry cheese cake!

How much can you eat at one go?
I can eat a lot but there's a limit. I can eat around half a kg cake. Not more than that!

Buzz is that you've taken up a Bollywood project.
Well, I can't really say anything about that because you know what media is like. A very unpredictable thing. Anything can happen anytime. So that's why cant talk about it!

Lets say you've been offered a role in big screen which requires you to wear a bikini, would you do it?
There's nothing wrong nowadays in wearing a bikini. If the shot is taken at a beach or anywhere in water, it wont look odd. If you have a great body, you end up looking gorgeous. But if you are in a garden, then yes a bikini would look cheap. Everything can be done gracefully and in a dignified manner.

Tell us about your experience in Dil Mill Gayye.
I think it was good experience in Dil Mill Gayye, definitely. What happens with television is that the audience sees you everyday. So they kind of relate to you as the girl next door. So they just come up to you and say hey hi, how are you and just like that. So that was a good feeling when randomly people come up to you and strike a conversation with you. It feels pretty nice.

Has there been any shocking or surprising experience while you worked for DMG?
I was never shocked because working in DMG always left you with a good feeling.

Is there any possibility of you making a comeback to television?
Of course, if the right script and right role comes along, why not? Of course!

So would your comeback role be similar to Riddhima or something different?
I want to experiment. But for a role to work out, it just does not have to sound good to you, but it should convince you to give your hundred percent. There are roles that sound good but if you don't give your heart and soul to it, then they become flat. If I come across a role which I think I can give my total effort to, I'll take it up.

Which are the television shows that you like to tune into?
I like Jhansi Ki Rani, then I like Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, and nowadays I also watch Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka Then what else…umm…I also like Bigg Boss.

If you were offered Bigg Boss or any other reality shows would you take it up?
It depends, on what I have to 'do' in those reality shows.

Describe a typical day of your life.
See when I have an off, then I go to the gym. Because nowadays not only for an artist but for everyone, exercise has become very very important for your health, to look good, to be fit. When you work out automatically a glow comes out. Then I go to the movies because at home people just keep walking across (the TV) and then you end up watching only half the film. I also like reading; at first I was a voracious reader now it's gone down a bit. But if I get a good novel that holds my attention then I become an avid reader! Right now its Twilight. I've just got my hands on it and will soon start reading it. Then I go out with my friends. So yeah, that's a typical day for me.

In which clothes are you most comfy in?
Typical jeans and t-shirt

I love accessories but they are usually limited to parties and occasions. Especially Indian functions.

Are you seeing someone? When do you plan to tie the knot?
(Laughs)I'll let you know if something as such happens.

Which actor is your inspiration?
My sister. She has done about 40 films in south. I'm totally inspired by her.

Who's your favorite actor?
Aamir Khan because I feel he has really proved himself not only as an actor but also as a director and producer. I really admire him.

Plans for future…
I've done lots of planning. Let's see if destiny supports me.

Message to your fans.
Thank you all for all those lovely wishes messages greeting cards. I'm grateful to God for all of you. I must have done some really good deed in my previous life to get so much love from you all.

Message to India-Forums.
Congratulations on your sixth anniversary. Keep up the good work. I hope you have lots and lots of more anniversaries.

Check out the Video interview of Shilpa Anand's Birthday Celebrations With India-forums:


Author:Susan Jose

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