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Faisal Shaikh Opens up on his Upcoming Music Video, Working with Jannat and More!

Faisal Shaikh got in a fun and candid conversation with us at India Forums, where he spoke to us about his upcoming music videos, working with Jannat, plans on starting his youtube channel and much more...


Tiktok Sensation, Faisal Shaikh who is popularly known as Mr.Faisu in a live session spoke to us about his upcoming music videos, Working with Jannat, his routine, plans on starting his own youtube channel and more...

Being an influencer, Faisu shared an IGTV video on social responsibility where he urged people to be a responsible citizen of the country. Talking about the same, Faisu said, “It is very important for you to stay at your home. If you understand this, then the situation will get better. Many people even give medical excuses to roam outside which is not good. But yes, if you genuinely go outside to buy something genuine, then it is right. Government is doing everything for us only."

It is also 1st April, i.e. April Fool’s day. Due to the seriousness of the situation, Faisu advised everyone to not make videos this year on April Fool’s Day. He said, “Do not make videos on April Fool’s this year in this situation. You can make it next year as well. Even I have reduced making videos, I made very few yesterday and now I’ll reduce it further. You will not get to see a lot of my videos now for a while”

Talking about missing his Team 07 amid social distancing, he said, “I am missing everyone, they are busy as well in their own homes. I’ll meet everyone once the situation gets better.”

He even talked about his routine and said, “Now, there is no routine as such now. It will get back on track once the Quarantine gets over.” 

Talking about his upcoming song which he recently shot in Shillong, he said, “That song is very nice, I really liked the story of the song. I am waiting for that song from my heart because the vibe is very different.” Talking about his experience shooting with Jannat for Aeroplane, he said, “It was a great experience, I had a lot of fun. Jannat even posted a vlog on youtube which was really fun.”

Faisu opened up on his plans of starting his own Youtube Channel. He said, “I am waiting for my youtube channel, I want the first content that I upload to be something unique. I have 3-4 content ready to upload on Youtube.” 

Towards the end, Faisu also shared his experience working with Jannat by saying, “It feels really nice, there is a comfort zone. You don’t even realise when the work is done.”

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