Faisal Raza Khan pays a Tribute to the 'Dons' on his Birthday...

The Bad Man of Television, Faisal Raza Khan celebrates his 27th birthday in grand style, as he pays a tribute to the 'Ultimate Dons' of Telly and Bolly Industry.. Catch pictures of the event..

The 'D Ultimate' at Andheri witnessed a truly distinct birthday celebration as the bad boy of Solahh Singaar and the perfect Host Faisal Raza Khan celebrated his Birthday by offering a mark of respect to the most loved to be hated 'negative' characters of the entertainment industry. With hoardings of the most wanted villains of both Telly and Bolly industry put up in the background, the revelry observed the presence of stars like Jatin Shah, Kamya Punjabi, Ali Merchant, Ayub Khan, Usha Bachani, Supriya, Karishma Tanna, Sharad Malhotra, Divyanka Tripathy, Vikram Acharya.

The guests for the evening sported two flavors of dress code and appeared as either ‘Dons’ or ‘Dolls’.. Faisal Khan in a striking black suit and red bow hosted the fete and the Santa-Don certainly went out of his way to pay a fitting tribute to his idol – Pran Saab.

The venue also had the famous lines of celebrated villains 'Yeh drink mujhe dede thakur' at the Bar stand, to 'Dons ko voh ladkiya acchi nahin lagti, jo der se aati hain, aur voh jo jaldi jati hain…” put up around. The evening exceptionally did well in paying tribute to the stars and spending time with the loved ones.

The team of Telly Buzz takes this opportunity to applaud the 'Ultimate Dons' in the Entertainment industry and of course, wishes the versatile Faisal Raza Khan a Very Happy Birthday..

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Pictures: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt, Abhi

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Faisal Khan Thumbnail

Faisal Khan

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Divyanka Tripathi

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Faisal Raza Khan Thumbnail

Faisal Raza Khan

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Jatin Shah

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Kamya Punjabi

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Ali Mercchant

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Ayub Khan

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Vikram Acharya

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Ssharad Malhotra

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Usha Bachani

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M Acharya

Comments (7)

He had lots of villains on that poster. Hehehe. Cute.

16 years ago

Happy Birthday Faisal, you are a rocking Villan! Best wishes.

16 years ago

wow..unique and original theme...
thanks for this

16 years ago

such a good theme happy birthday again babes MWAH!!!!!

16 years ago

OMG, FRZ & Jatin looked chooo cute...*Sigh*

16 years ago

the don loved by all-jatin *sigh*...damn straight :-D

16 years ago

wow! jatin luks so cute n sweet...aww...the don loved by all.. hehe...so true!..even ali was der.. good! no pic tho...


16 years ago

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