Exclusive: Saillesh Gulabani to enter Siya Ke Ram as Vibhishana!

While the actor was earlier in talks to play a pivotal role in Radhe Krishna, Saillesh has now bagged prime time visual treat...

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A lot of names were thrown up for essaying pivotal roles in much awaited mythological show Radhe Krishna (Zee TV) including Saillesh Gulabani.

But now we hear that the hot and handsome actor has now bagged the prime time visual treat - Siya Ke Ram on Star Plus


Saillesh will essay the role of Vibhishana on the show. 

As per ancient history, Vibhishana, though a Rakshasa and Ravan's brother, was a noble character and advised Ravana of how wrong it was to abduct Sita and that he should return her to Rama in an orderly fashion and promptly. When his brother did not listen to his advice, Vibhishana joined Rama's army. Later, when Rama defeated Ravana, Rama crowned Vibhishana as the king of Lanka.

When contacted Saillesh for confirmation on this piece of information, he stated, "I was in talks for Radhe Krishna but the show got delayed. I am in talks for playing a pivotal role on Siya Ke Ram but nothing is confirmed as of now."

We have seen the actor perform exceptionally well concerning dramatics on fiction shows. 

How excited are you to watch him don this mythological character? Hit the comment section below!

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8 years ago

Why are they talking about Vibheeshan now, when Rama Sita are just getting married?

8 years ago

Awesome show SiyaKeRam...amazingly talented cast...keep rocking guys !

8 years ago

I think he will do great in Siya Ke Ram
The casting of the show is already good and now waiting to see whom they cast as hanuman, indrajit and other pivotal roles :))

8 years ago

SIYA KE RAM is an exceptional show. Best wishes to you.

8 years ago

Sailesh..all the best
Siya Ke Ram rockz...amazing cast n crew !!

8 years ago

Sailesh Gulabani all the best. Siya Ke Ram really rocks!!!

8 years ago

Im glad he has joined this show, i havent watched him much, but with Tellbuzz saying such great words, I am sure will have awesome time watching him, plu sI have full faith on SKR team, they have been exceptional in choosen perfect actors for every characters..!! JaiSIya Ram

8 years ago

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