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Everyone faces a similar situation as Virat at some point in their life: Neil Bhatt of ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar

Neil and Ayesha aka Virat and Sai of ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’ connected with their fans through a LIVE session. Read on to know what they have to say about the upcoming track of the show.

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Neil and Ayesha

Courtesy : Star Plus' Instagram.

The makers of 'Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar Meiin' never seize to surprise the fans. The show is gearing up for one of the most interesting and exciting twist. According to the latest promo, in which Bollywood’s legendary actress Rekha featured, Samrat will soon return in Pakhi and Virat’s lives. He has planned to give divorce to Pakhi and has asked Virat to accept her and fulfil his duties. Virat stands there stunned as he has fallen deeply in love with Sai. Looks like the show is getting quite intriguing.

To create a buzz regarding the upcoming track of the show, Star Plus arranged a LIVE session with the lead actors of the show Neil Bhatt and Ayesha Singh. In the LIVE chat, Neil and Ayesha connected with fans, told them their point of views and asked them for their opinions on the upcoming twist in the show.

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Speaking about the same, Neil said, “Well, I feel everyone faces a similar situation as Virat, at some point in their lives when you are supposed to make a choice. The choice revolving between ‘farz’ and ‘pyaar’ can get anyone in dilemma. It will be interesting to see how Virat will react in the situation".

Ayesha aka Sai added, “Samrat is not aware of Sai-Virat’s marriage and that Virat has fallen for Sai. If he gets to know the same, maybe he can think about his decision”.

In the LIVE chat Neil and Ayesha also read various opinions about the show and upcoming track. Some fans stated that Pakhi should fall for Samrat while others were of the view that Sai should understand Virat’s feelings to which Ayesha agreed.

Are you excited for the upcoming track of the show? Hit the comment section below.

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fatssrilanka 3 months ago It's always a treat to watch NeilSha together. They share a beautiful chemistry. Regarding Aishwarya I had mentioned this before too that it seems they are long-lost best friends or they share some past life relationship 😂. Anyway, it's nothing new. IF has some favourites in their list and I guess Ayesha is not one of those, otherwise they wouldn't have ignored her this way. And, I would like to point out that mostly people prefer the protagonist more than the antagonist. So, please stop your favouritism before it's too late.
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Shristhi2002 3 months ago It was an awesome live❤
These two are a treat to watch when they are together 🤗
Hope we get more of such amazing content ahead
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ltelidevara 3 months ago It is a treat to watch Neil and Ayesha together interacting with fans. These days it has become a rarity of sorts for obvious reasons. For the nth time I would like to clarify India forums that it is Ayesha Singh who is the lead actress and not Aiswarya Sharma who plays the parallel lead that already turned negative by now. Tagging her before the real lead is unacceptable that too for an article that has nothing to do with her.
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linakusharberry 3 months ago well honestly its highly disappointing to see IF being partial , it clearly shows ur favouritism for u neil and aishwarya are the only leads , ayesha singh aka sai is the protagonist and aishwarya sharma is the antagonist please understand the difference , agree neil and aishawarya are real life jodi but that doesn't mean u will start to see them same on onscreen their equations are different , so please its request stop being partial
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asmi_joya 3 months ago WHy is Aishwarya tagged in an article where she is not the one getting interviewed and that too before Ayesha?? This is not acceptable IF.. Please mend your ways..
Reply thumbs-up 12 thumbs-down 0
vivpri 3 months ago I ♥️ U Neilesha 😃
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Spicyfood 3 months ago Do some research before posting any articles. IF is so obsessed with certain someone
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Devikadish 3 months ago The live session was nice. It's endearing to watch Neil and Ayesha talk about a situation from all the characters perspective.
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asmi_joya 3 months ago The interview was super good.. Hardly do we get to see the camaraderie between these two..When we get Neil and Ayesha are cherished by their fans....Much love to them and hope channel keeps getting us these lives..
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asmi_joya 3 months ago Ye IF walo ka roz ka hai..Obsessed with Aishwarya.. They really need to stop getting on our nerves... Dont put articles if yoy cant even do your homework properly..
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