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Even fresh faces should get a chance to prove themselves: Rakhi Luthra

TellyBuzz in conversation with Rakhi Luthra, the mastermind behind launching talents of Rajshree on-screen...

Published: Sunday,Mar 06, 2016 10:53 AM GMT-07:00
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A lot of talent which is seen on-screen, comes from the talent which is behind the camera. One such talent is Rakhi Luthra who is associated with Rajshree Production as a Casting Director from quite a long time of more than 7 years.

Started off her career with an Ad Agency, Rakhi has come a long way as a Casting Director of Rajshree and she is now the In House Creative for the production house as well. In a conversation with TellyBuzz, Rakhi shares with us more about her journey as a Casting Director...

Did you always aspire to get into casting? How did it happen to you?  

Not exactly! I always wanted to do something creative and casting is definitely one. Finding new people for your show is challenging and is a creative thing. Kavita Barjatya used to head our department when I got an opportunity to work with Rajshree. She motivated me a lot and taught me how to select an artist and what we should look into it. I started like this and since then I am doing it. I joined Rajshree in the year 2008 with Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki when we were looking out for some new artists for a new track.  

How challenging your job is?

Every day is a challenge; looking out for new artists for every track and every new show is very challenging.

How has been your journey so far?

My journey so far has been beautiful. I did couple of shows with Rajshree and every day I get to learn new things from Kavita Barjatya and Sooraj Barjatya and I am still growing with them.

What do you look for in an actor for casting them for your new shows? What do you prefer the most; fresh faces or popular ones?

First of all I get a brief from the producers and the creative. I see their acting as per my requirements and see whether I can get something out of them because sometimes it happens that they have the potential but they need proper guidance to get something out of them. I prefer fresh faces as they will bring freshness to your show and I feel that everyone should get a chance to prove themselves.

What do you have to say for the actors who have become a family to Rajshree?

A family is always a family. So whenever we get something for them, we approach them and if they are free then they are on board.

How do you handle the situation if a celebrity gives you a tough time with their tantrums?

It doesn't mostly happen with Rajshree that celebs throw tantrums. The aura is very different when you are working with Rajshree; we get to see less tantrums.

Who has been your biggest support?

My entire team and whole Rajshree family is my biggest support, whether its Kavita Barjatya, Sooraj Barjatya, our general manager or the creative team.

What have you learnt from your journey so far?

I am still learning and I have learnt a lot. You tend to lose your temper easily in the industry. So I have learnt to handle things calmly. The aura of Rajshree is like this only.

What are your future goals? Where would you like to see yourself after 5-10 years?

I want to see myself happily working whether it's in Rajshree or outside by calmly handling situations.

What tips you would like to give to the aspiring casting directors?

You should understand the characters brief first that you get from the creative. Feel the situation, understand it and then start looking out for it especially for the new ones. Give chance to new faces as they should also get an opportunity.

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--Amulya-- 7 years ago Nice post, something from an off-screen technician... I would like to know more about how things work behing the screen
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