Ek Safar Aisa... Kabhi Socha Na Tha on Sony..

Sony and Rashmi Sharma of Sunrise Telefilms join together for the thriller drama, premiering February 9th at 9.30 pm..

Ek Safar Aisa… Kabhi Socha Na Tha
is a show based on a young girl and her journey. It can be said as a love story of the girl whose life changes into a roller coaster ride filled with suspense, thrill and mystery.

"This is a thriller drama with all emotions. The first episode starts with the male lead committing suicide and the lead girl saving his life. This can also be termed as a love story which has lots of twists and turns which makes it adventurous," says Rashmi Sharma, Head of Sunrise Telefilms.  

Talking on the storyline ahead, the Producer quips, "After the accident, the hero looses his memory and the girl helps him to get back his identity. The ups and downs in their lives bring lots of changes in the story, making it a mystery for the audience."

When asked about the long title she states, "I feel it's very catchy and thus today you are asking me about it. The title is very unusual and goes with the story line of the show."

The star cast includes Pankaj Dheer, Rinku Ghosh, Madhvi Gokte, Kuldeep Mallik, Neetu Kholi, Tapasvi, with Jayshree Soni and Maninder as leads.

Socha Na Tha is about how sometimes you don't choose life, but life chooses you. From a simple flower seller to the wife of a millionaire Ganga sees the world change around her. But inspite of a loving husband and huge family to live with Ganga is surrounded by suspense and mystery and dark secrets. Will she succeed in helping Manav get back his memory? Will she ever unravel the mystery that surrounds Manav's dark past?

The show will go on air on February 9, Monday-Thursday at 9:30 pm.

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Rinku Ghosh

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Pankaj Dheer

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Jayshree Soni

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Love Story

Comments (12)

i swear man i am tired of such crap - poor girl married the rich guy, there will be some majboori wherein she will marry him i am very sure on that and then she goes into the house hunting for clues and finding the reason why the guy was trying to commit sucide (as told in the above article) and i am very very very sure that when the guy gets his memory back he will not be able to recognize her and the heroine will go like - boooohoohooohooohooo! something like the movie sadma - pls give me a break.the producers always say that this is different and the audience later on ends up with a sadma ........ hahaha!!!! sorry guys not at all excited for this, but i want to see how this guy commits suicide, quite a kicker as the 1st episode!!!

15 years ago

Ok, this is supposed to be something different, right? And the show hasn''t even starter, but there''s already a memory loss!!! So typical, and same concept of poor girl getting married into a rich household. Can''t girls be rich too lol!

15 years ago

Gajini like attempt eh. looks interesting

15 years ago

Socha Na Tha is about how sometimes you don''t choose life, but life chooses you. Sounds like an interesting concept, looking forward to checking it out. Thanks TB.

15 years ago

well this is nothing new...
a small town girl getting married into a rich family and ended up being surrounded by controversies and mystries....
same old story!!! *yawn*

15 years ago

I saw the Promo, it Looks Promising
Might watch it..

15 years ago

hmm sound intresting and with sunrise have good experience so far ya only thing they are very good at mystry and suspence but romance this production house and specially creative is bit stingy so please....use more romance for raja ki aayegi baarat also and this new show also best luck an dour best wished

15 years ago

lets hope its good as sony doesnt have any interesting shows any more, after Kuch is tarah they was nothing good!

15 years ago

-Maya- Thumbnail



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15 years ago

Sounds interesting .. Sunrise Tele had been good with Raja Ki Aayegi barat so looking fwd to this lovestory and the show.. The leads look good specially the guy...

15 years ago

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