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Eijaz Khan tipped to play lead in Sony's Metti Oli remake

The grapevine has it that Eijaz Khan might make his comeback to fiction with Sony TV's upcoming show.


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The buzz is that Eijaz Khan might soon be back with Sony Entertainment Television after Bhaskar Bharti with the UTV show, which will be the remake of the long running and popular Tamil show, Metti Oli.

As we know, the casting for the show has been on for a while now. Known faces like Chaitanya Chowdhury, Shubhangi Aatre, Anjali Abrol, Smriti Kalra etc were approached. However, the channel wanted a mix of experience and freshness in their leads. They wanted a fresh face for the female lead's role and a popular face to play the male lead.

A little birdie tells us, "A new face from Chandigarh has been roped in to play the second sister who is the lead. Another new girl has been finalized to play the elder sister. And talks with Eijaz Khan are on for the lead's role. The news coming in is that Eijaz is interested in taking up the role, and in all probability might be finalized".

Metti Oli is the story of five sisters who live with their father who is financially not sound.

We tried our level best to reach to Eijaz, but were unsuccessful.

Our efforts to get a confirmation from UTV was also futile.

Let's wait to see if Eijaz is the next big name to make a comeback to TV or not..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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MysticNights 8 years ago yay eiju will be back!!! &lt;3

sony maybe coming back for some good shows. Now that Ram-Sakshi are there, it will be good to have Eijaz-Neha in another good show. At least quality will go up. Bhaskar Bharti was good, but Eijaz wasn't much there.
CrazyNoori 8 years ago My herooo has returned wooop woop :-D sooo happyyy this drama will for sure be a hit the amazing actor has now come bk :-D
BlessedSexyone 8 years ago Sony knew only Eijaz could handle 5 women hahahahaha, i know 1 person who will be smilin down on him and givin him all her blessings, gdluck Eijaz
MistiofMistz 8 years ago Can't wait cause I am miss watching him on television lately
HalkatJawaniJay 8 years ago It will be great to see him back again, but show doesn't sound too promising and given it's Sony who has habit of axing their shown.
SavyDobrev 8 years ago I want him back, but not in this show, in something interesting, hot and youthful :D My Eijooo &lt;3
-Hina- 8 years ago OMG. He is BACK ??

Yeeaaah *Whoop, whoop*

God bless him :D
anku- 8 years ago OMGGG. Is Eijooo cooming backkk... eeeks. I cant wait if its sooo :D :D :D
hmann90 8 years ago i missed him so much cant wait to c him
Smileyface 8 years ago ahhh!! LOVE him!!! &lt;3&lt;3 definitely gonna check this show out!! =D
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