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Earth Day: Shubhaavi reveals that one advice she recieved from her father which changed her perspective

Shubhaavi Choksey reveals that one piece of advice she received from her father which changed her perspective on the occasion of World Earth Day.

Published: Saturday,Apr 22, 2023 17:49 PM GMT-06:00
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shubhaavi choksey

Conserving the environment should be our first and foremost duty. Today the world celebrates Earth Day and it signifies the importance of preserving our environment. Actress Shubhaavi Choksey reveals her contribution towards the environment and also shared some preventive measures to conserve our environment and make it a better place to live. The actress revealed her father's advice which changed her perspective towards the nature. 

Shubhaavi said "I genuinely feel that this investment should have been done ages ago but something is better than nothing and I’m a kind of a person who’d think about the earth mainly because of my father. My father is the one who kept inculcating that don’t litter around if I throw something out of the window, when somebody spit on the road and now of course whole scenario has changed it is on a very large magnitude, many and bigger things have to be taken in the consideration and have to be changed and I would like to tell people who are reading this interview that please don’t think that it is something big that you need to change, start small. Even one drop in the ocean makes a difference because 100 people have 100 drops and then you have a pool of water and then it keeps increasing. Do whatever little you can do to invest yourselves physically, emotionally and mentally and giving it back to the earth as well.''

Furthermore, the Bade Acche Lagte Hai actress spoke about things she has been doing for the nature to conserve the environment. She said "There are many things. What I do is I don’t waste water this is imbibed in me since I was a child, there are many times when I don’t use the shower I use the bucket and I take a shower. Plastic is the enemy of the earth, I’ve not used a single bottle of plastic for a decade now. We only have glass bottles. There are a lot of other things but to begin with I think should be done apart from not littering and spitting on the road.''

Lastly, on a parting note, Shubhaavi said "On Earth Day this year, I would like to tell one’s who are still not woken up from their sleep that the whole pandemic has hit us and this is the high time that you wake up. Please go for sustainability, do not waste water please conserve it, there are many people who get water to drink on our country. It is something that should be the beginning of everything. If you can go to sustainable products that is amazing. Making conscious efforts to do something that will not harm the earth and I think if you don’t know this, go and explore, ask question on the Internet. There’s always a beginning to something, weather it’s small or big doesn’t matter eventually it’ll become big.''

On the professional front, she was last seen as Nandini in Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2.

Shubhaavi K.

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