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Don't JUDGE someone unless you know that person far too well - Karan Patel

Actor Karan Patel has a message for his Trollers.

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Actor Karan Patel, who faces trolls on social media, feels there are many misconceptions about him. He says it is very important for people to know him as a person before judging him.

Karan has been trolled for his physique as well as acting skills. He has a message for all those who troll him.

"You feel that I don't respect people and I am arrogant, then why don't you troll me from your real identity? When you troll me, is it because you hate me or it gives you satisfaction? Don't judge someone unless you know that person far too well," Karan said in a statement.

"If someone says something similar to your family, what would be your reaction? It's easy for me to get you behind bars but I won't do it because it would hurt your family and I am here for mine, and hence I know what they would feel to see you suffer," he added.

The actor spoke about the issue on TV show Troll Police, which brings celebrities and their trolls face-to-face. The show is aired on MTV and the episode will air on Saturday.

On getting trolled, he said: "What irks me is seeing my family upset, as for me I've learnt to turn a deaf ear. But my family is affected by trolls."

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lavs_157 3 years ago Completely agree! And as for all those people asking if he knew Hina before talking about her, he might have a certain amount of knowledge about her, coz they are from the same industry and he talked about what she portrayed on the show, not about her personally or her family members like the trolls are doing. They are talking shit about his family and wife. Is he supposed to take that crap from people who don't have the guts to come out in open with their identity? And what kind of fan worship is this that you talk shit about other people's family to safegaurd your idol's reputation? You are actually pulling her down with you with your shameful acts. And as for Hina, the way she behaved with senior actors like Hiten and bitched about other senior actors and south indian actors has what got her this amount of hatred from inside and outside the industry. She has just done one show and on the back of that she thinks she can talk anything about any senior actor who have been around for 15 years or more? And all her fans who keep bashing everyone from the industry who talks against, think about it what you are doing might eventually jeopardize her carrier in the industry. Social media was not made for trolling under fake identities. Learn to use it responsibly. It has repercussions.
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hbkrocks 3 years ago I hate him so badly I can't even descrine
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Anvi17 3 years ago M not fan of hina..but wen u trolled a lady..did u feel how much her family must have felt..only wen it comes to ur family...u feel...bad..U deserve u asked fr it
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CoffeeCake 3 years ago Hypocrisy is another name for Mr. Churan Patel.
He used to trolls Hina khan and her fans using most derogatory words. He was the one who used to call hina as 'hyna'. Now, when it's his turn, he is the one at receiving end, he wants people not to judge him because they don't know him personally and his family getting upset? Does he think Hina has no family? He is the one calling others as 'kutta' on his twitter page, does he know all of them personally?

Don't dish it out if you can't take it, Churan Patel.

Everyone had an opinion during big boss time, but as you are a celeb, there's a certain way to express it. This is a lesson for you that 'freedom of speech' comes with a responsibility.
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simplyme 3 years ago I am neither his fan nor Hina's!! But the way he reacted to her during and after BB shouts "hypocrisy!! Practice what you preach Mr. !!!
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Aashlok-cious 3 years ago Lmaaoo this guy doesn't realise that his becoming a laughing stock with each post that he writes... must be his ages
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bithee 3 years ago you did troll hina a lot without knowing her. u really a disgusting man.
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Anvi17 3 years ago As u used to troll.hina a lot...did u know her then
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shaztea 3 years ago ohhh... so how far personally did U know Hina Khan then?????
practice what You preach Mr Shorti
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abhilasha_dream 3 years ago I agree with him 100%. Just because they are celebrities doesn't give us a right to write about them. We know celebrities due to their work but not personally. I might like a celebrity as he would be appearing nice in the interviews but in reality he must be a SNOB. Similarly a person who looks Rude might be GOOD.

I agree that KP's way of talking rough but one thing which I have noticed all his co-actors love him and they consider him as a family. This speaks volume about his character.
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