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Donal Bisht's Surprise Plan For Brother Cancelled Due To Cyclone Nisarga

Actress Donal Bisht talks about how her flight to Delhi got cancelled and her surprise plan to be with her brother on his birthday went for a toss


As we Cyclone Nisarga has landed on the West coast, the nation is praying that it doesn't cause much harm to the coastal districts. There are many whose plans have gone haywire because of the cyclone. 

Actress Donal Bisht, who is popular for her role in the TV show, Roop, had to make a change in plan for her brother's birthday, citing the unfavourable weather conditions in Mumbai due to Cyclone Nisarga.

Donal was excited to board a flight to Delhi from Mumbai to surprise her brother on his birthday. The actress’s flight was scheduled for June 3 but she received a call from the airlines a night prior that the flight has been cancelled. 

Donal said, “I was super excited to visit my home in Delhi. I had everything planned out to the T. But, it’s a little sad that the flight got cancelled due to the cyclone. But I understand, of course, it’s for everyone’s safety. Safety does always come first."

“I also hope that the cyclone doesn’t do that much damage as they’re saying it would. I really hope it dies out, as there’s already too much chaos happening in our country right now,” the actress added. Donal says that she will still figure out a way to make her brother’s birthday special for him.

Recently, Donal was in the news for requesting channels and producers to lift the 90 days payment circle as actors have to suffer a lot to get their own hard-earned money.


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