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Diya Aur Baati Hum's Bhabho & Emily visit Ajmer Dargah to pray for Sandhya's success!

The mother-in-law and younger daughter –in-law of Diya Aur Baati Hum, Bhabo and Emily pray for Sandhya’s future and success at Ajmer Dargah.

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Star Plus' most popular show Diya Aur Baat Hum is all set to showcase its biggest landmark with the protagonist Sandhya (played by Deepika Singh) achieving her IPS dream. As the final leg of Sandhya's IPS training draws closer the entire Rathi family & fans are eagerly waiting to see Sandya's dream fulfilled. Today she is just one step away from her goal and is all set to take the big leap as an IPS officer. To support her dream, Bhabho (played by Neelu Vaghela) and Emily (Pooja Singh) visited Ajmer Dargah to pray for her success. The popularity of the show is known to all but what amazed Neelu was the love and adulation received from the crowd present at the dargah. The two women were mobbed and the entourage had to be stopped till the situation was brought under control in Ajmer.

Bhabho (Neelu Vaghela) says, "I am here to pray for my Sandhya beendani and may god shower all his blessings. I want her to bring the trophy home and keep up to the promise she made. Sandhya has proved that she is a strong contender and I am sure she will make us all proud. As about the show, we have completed 700 episodes and I wish we continue to entertain our viewers further. The response we have received from the locales here says so much about how we have touched their lives."

The last few months showcased the rigorous eleven months training where Sandhya shed all her inhibitions and emerged as a strong individual. Her journey was never smooth; be it convincing Bhabho to allow her to pursue he ambition to facing the challenges of the training programme. From the intense physical training, cycling challenge to para trooping, Sandhya has shown impeccable strength to overcome all odds.  While for other family members it was a training programme to become an IPS officer, for Sandhya's better half, Sooraj it was a goal to make his wife live her parents' dream. From being Sandhya's biggest support system to becoming a constant reminder for Sandhya to live her dream, Sooraj truly stood like a pillar of strength.

However, only time will tell if Sandhya fulfills the promise made to Bhabho on winning the best cadet trophy that will get her a local posting and an opportunity to balance responsibility alongside duty. You've followed her journey; now don't miss the moment of truth as Sandya enters the final league.


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ringroses 6 years ago congratulations desh ki.. Pushkar ki.. Star IPS bindani Sandhya Suraj Rathi!!!..we are proud of you ...Great tapasya..Suraj-Sandhya ki..Rathi parivaar..Diya aur Baati Hum Team aur STARPlus real so tough training task situations...and characters..unbelievable hair-raising journey...super salaami.. after Krish..Dhoom3action figures &bikes want IPS offi.Sandhya Rathi & team's action figures too... wish &pray lots of positivity &harmony to Rathi family..Thank you STARPlus ..Bhabho you are great home management mahaguru...bas thodi si soft ..Sorry ...All The Best
coolmausam 6 years ago Good Luck Diya Aur Baati Hum ,
Wish to see More Intresting story From this Show and Less Saas Bahu - Bahbo and her illogical crap ..

Sandhya u are an Inspirational Girl , am Glad am able to watch a show like this. Deepika Singh , U are the Face of Indian Television .Great work and determination to ur Character .. Keep Going Girl ..

b2011 6 years ago Diya Aur Baati Hum rocks...
Anas, Deepika, Neeluji and all other cast doing great. Keep up the team work.
Divz. 6 years ago Love DeepikaSingh n Diya aur baati hum ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anikafan2012 6 years ago Deepikasingh n diya aur baati hum rockz#@
LoveDABH 6 years ago Love DeepikaSingh n Diya aur baati hum ...@!
--Iniya-- 6 years ago Deepikasingh rockzz as Sandy..DABH is the great Show
Neelu ji u rockzz as bhabo
dabh9 6 years ago Deepikasingh rockzz as Sandy..DABH is the great Show
laxmi424 6 years ago Neelu ji u rockzz as bhabo
Love u deepika singh
_Surya_ 6 years ago Deepikasingh rockzz as Sandy..
DABH is the great Show
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