Divyanka Tripathi writes a heartfelt love letter to 'Nach Baliye 8'!

It is her first Instagram post after the win.


Star Plus' celebrity couple dance reality show, Nach Baliye 8 found its winning jodi in the form of Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya on Sunday (June 24). And post the win, everyone has been pouring congratulatory messages. Vivek, as well as the fans, are in a celebratory mood but Divyanka seems to be rather confused and lost.

Post their win in the show, Divyanka couldn't find the right words to describe their journey, express her feelings on the win, and of course, make that thank you post on her social media platforms. 

But when she did, she made sure to pour out all her feelings. The lady decided to write a love letter to the show itself and here's what she posted:

That sure is a long sweet message, isn't it? We wish Divyanka and Vivek congratulations on their win once again!


Divyanka Tripathi Vivek Dahiya Nach Baliye 8  Star Plus 

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BangBang_Shilpa 3 years ago lol

2 min silence for those who are saying yhm is popular

the show is not even in top 12.

and the way dt acted yesterday

gid she needa go to learn hiw to act
basherz 3 years ago Blah, blah & more blah mrs. DT & I-F promotion team !!! Is there anything left over we gotta know about this lady & her husband ? Plz do tell, we're all eyes & ears - as we don't have any other issue in life rather than listen to these PR bhajans. I just want to know if she's giving anything to all her fans - who promoted - apparently with out sleeping, other than online hugs & kisses. As, I have hardly heard anything this lady even donating a penny to anyone in real need - the under privileged, even if she did - it would be in public only, as she has to look good in front of everyone.

Its disgusting to read some of the comments such as the shona or what ever her name is. Had I been her parent, I would've given few tight slaps for the kind of foul language used in an public medium & may be admitted her in an pysch ward for treatment.

Even the word disgust would hide in shame to be called for these sort of posts. Fan wars are understandable to an extent but this sort of language !!!
I really wonder if all the education one had since their childhood was to use this sort of guttery language. My road sweeper talks 100 times better than this even when he's completely drunk even after being illiterate.

Get a Life people.. I-F earns by promoting mrs. DT, that's been proved by their constant promotion & cheap promotion skills. And for god's sake stop this fan war nonsense, those celebs are having a blast at fans expense.
ktiluvu 3 years ago Yes both mohit and sanaya started their career in same show mjht... Both got good name and fame but sanaya got hit show ipkknd and she became more popular while mohit struggling ...in television men's hardly get good shows... But monaya relation is strong with out ego..might be mohit is not popular as sanaya but he is earning with his own shows like sarojoni, etc... Sanaya is lucky to have a good husband and even mohit is lucky to have a wife like sanaya... Mohit is not like some other person who stays at home without any work while his wife working and just writes letters to wife and keep it in social media for show off... Mohit may not be popular but he is earning his own money instead of depending on wife's money...
--Amulya-- 3 years ago If we talk about Mohit, I think he's the perfect example of a good husband and good human being. Sanaya-Mohit started their relationship when they were equals but soon Sanaya earned new shows and fame. It wouldn't have been easy to support his partner totally when his own career was at a halt (especially when you started at the same point) and I think Sanaya loves him more for it. Jealousy, disappointments, ego these are the elements which can destroy a relationship easily but I think Mohit is too good to have any of these negative attributes.

I din't want to say this but I really think its too early to pass any statement on DiVek's relationship, only time can tell how strongly they can stand together.
MuratHayat 3 years ago For those who r calling mohit names..seriously I pity those ppl. I never call any celeb couples as relationship goals but I won't think twice b4 thinking mohit as husband goals.
What else can v expect from ppl who idolize men like vivek..tch tch.. forget it *bandar kya jaane adrak ka swaad*
BangBang_Shilpa 3 years ago @shreepatil

first i just thought but now you have proved
that dumbo tripathi and v dahi. fans are world's biggest morons.

keep licking their shoes.
my parents has taught me
to never cheat anyone.


shameless soul

go girl
learn some manners.
i shared my views and didn't involve your parents
but you have shown
what you have learnt from your parents.
shreepatil. 3 years ago @COOL_KEJRIWAL. budi hogi tu. i think u don't have other work instead of bashing and using useless words .
i think ur parents teach u that only how to bash and how to use useless words thats sit.2017-06-29 21:54:45
piya2025 3 years ago People who are bashing Mohit. Sorry fellows, he is no she who need his wife's helping hand to make a name.
Apart from your favourite's drama opps! I mean *Nach *, I'm sure you had to bear few other clips of the show in which it was clear for eyes to see what honestly looks like.His wife is far more popular than him not as much as queen of YHM who has ' Audience love' as written in her love letter to NB8 , but he is strong enough to survive on his own.
Thanks Mohit, for making me a fan of yours .Hard work to sab ne kiye hai but drama sab ki bas ki baat nahin.
Oh congratulations to the owner of 'Audience love' *slow clap*
ktiluvu 3 years ago Why some people calling mohit as she male just cuz he is a good husband that's why... Atleast mohit is trying to gift a house to sanaya by his hard earned money( which he said in recent interview) but what vivek Is doing simply asking his wife to get roles to him by her influence... Every one knows he selected as male lead in kavach just cuz of influence of divyanka... Or else who will take vivek as male lead who don't know acting... And coming to mohit he is male lead in mjht and he got award for his role in qubool hai ...if we compare vivek with mohit, then mohit is much better than vivek... And everyone knows who is really she male
--Amulya-- 3 years ago I don't understand why did she even do this!! For fame, she already has it... for fans, she has blind followers... for money, crapfest YHM has been running for years now... then for what did she use unfair means to win!! She could have accepted the reality and left the show with pride like how usually everyone does. I think she only attained much more negative remarks and hatred after unfairly winning NB, in my pov all this trophy did is harm.
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