Disha Vakani's Husband Confirms She is Not Returning to 'Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah'

The actress, indeed, shot for a segment but isn't returning just as of yet.

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And the saga continues. Just when many thought that the long-running and rather stretched story of actress Disha Vakani aka Daya returning to Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah was finally over, well, that is not meant to be. At least for now.

Time and again, there have been rumors about the big question as to if Vakani will return to the show and if she does, when will it happen. But it was only till a week or so ago, it was confirmed by producer Asit Modi and a couple of cast members that she is coming on the show after all this time. There is, however, a twist in the tale.

As the viewers would know, the current track revolving around her is going on and in the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Daya's brother, Sundar (Mayur Vakani) has promised Jethalal (Dilip Joshi) that he will get Daya to Gokuldham society to play garba with him and the rest of Gokuldham. And while it seemed that this will be the grand re-entry for Daya, that is not the case.

Recently, in an interview with Bombay Times, Vakani's husband in real life, Mayur Padia confirmed that she has indeed shot for a portion of the episode but their talks with the makers are still unresolved. So, she is not returning to the show for good and hopes that they reach an amicable solution soon.

Likewise, Asit Modi also confirmed saying that Disha has finally shot for a segment and hopes that she will resume shooting full-time soon. But he confessed that the talks about the latter are still on between them and they are hoping to reach for a solution soon. He concluded by saying that they have been in talks with her for months now and no one is bigger than the show.

Coming back to the track, Vakani has shot the part where Daya will be seen at the Ambaji temple in Gujarat responding to a phone call about her return to Gokuldham during Navratri celebrations.

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Comments (7)

I has become a circus. Asit modi should throw out disha. And why is her husband talking about HER career. Has she given all the rights to husband only??

4 years ago

Which PH gives such a long maternity leave? And according to the show story, which wife leaves away from her family for more than 2 years? It's only possible if she had a divorce and was a bad mother. Its high time they should replace Disha Vakani as Daya.

4 years ago

Why not get a new Daya? If there can be a New Roshan jodi, new Tapu, new Sonu, new Dr. Hathi, etc, then why not a new Daya?

4 years ago

Let her and her annoying as hell brother go. No actor is bigger then content.

4 years ago

Man let her go...bring new face or there are so many options...why so much nakhara of her being tolerated not understand...

4 years ago

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