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Dimple Jhangiani turns a Punjabi Kudi for Life OK's Savdhaan India!

The actress is currently shooting for her last episodic story for Life OK's popular episodic series Savdhaan India...

Published: Friday,Feb 20, 2015 15:57 PM GMT-07:00
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Pretty actress Dimple Jhangiani, who was recently seen in Zee TV's Maharakshak Aryan has turned a Punjabi Kudi for Life OK's upcoming episodic Savdhaan India - India Fights Back.

Our source informs us, "Dimple will be seen playing the character of Mini who comes to Mumbai from Punjab with a dream of becoming a model but she gets trapped in the wrong hands. The story will revolve around as how she fights back for herself."

When we contacted Dimple, she confirmed the news saying, "This is going to be my last episodic story. I was just doing episodic during my breaks. Now, I will be focusing towards doing daily soap after this. However, this is my first episodic of Savdhaan where I am playing a positive character. Its been a very good and different character to play which is a very bubbly character. Its fun to play this character."

Keep reading this space for more updates.

Anwesha Kamal


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Az07 7 years ago Dimple u r really pretty & talented. Love ur smile. All the best for the show!
2015-02-20 06:53:47
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shivani003 10 years ago Hmmm I dunno I used to like Aish before but now Iam bored with her. She doesnt seem to pick the right movies. She seems over-rated just like Kareena.
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FingerFetish 10 years ago Oh good Lord and the day finally has come whence Aishwarya Rai has been compared to Katrina Kaif. I do believe a bullet just wheezed through my heart and exploded my cells.

Granted, there have been movies whereby her screeching has torn my ear drums however I beg to differ. You think I would have bawled my eyes out and sat in depression for weeks IF Katrina Kaif had been the one screaming 'Devdas' at the final scene when SRK was taking his last breaths? I think not = \ Devdas and Provoked proves that she does have talent. It's not just a good storyline that touches your heart. Acting is the major and predominant contribution. She also acted well in Taal, Jodha Akbar and Mohobatein.

Of course there are far more better actresses. Yet you cannot completely state that she cannot act at all. If so, that is an insult to my forever streaming/runny nose, red rimmed eyes and muffled sobs as I thumped my chest and screeched 'DEVA' alongside with her at the cinemas.

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taral83 10 years ago Some one please tell her she cant act...have you heard her screeching sound, when she is screaming on top of her lungs in HDDCS...sorry, but she is only a pretty face and that is about it...just like Kat and many others. Real actresses are the ones that we look forward to watching even today, that amaze you in any role they do, I am sorry but I think Madhuri out shined you in Devdas. I would still go watch a movie if Shri Devi came back on screen. Rani is always a fab actress. There is acting and then there is over reacting with yourself lol...2012-03-15 12:11:28
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Mohabbateinn 10 years ago If Ash can get films agen, then why can't Bhagyashree re-enter Bwood too? There are actresses with faaar more talent who have stopped coming into films after marriage and kids. If Ash is coming back ..its great for her..but personally I'm not interested in watching her films anymore. Just bcus Bachan is ur last name does not mean the world will bow down to u.
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amita5 10 years ago she should concentrate on her daughter but she only thinks of her career...fed up of watching her movies
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urvash 10 years ago Ash was always greedy...lets hope she has changed and acts in roles that suit her age. I lover the Senior Bachan but i am now tired of listening to all their personal stories. I do not even like the work any of them do anymore. There is better takent available...the Bachan era has long passed.
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RosyRosh 10 years ago Eh lo. Bacche ka khatan huwa nahi filmo ke nakhre shuru huwe.
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