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Diljit Dosanjh talks about his trending fashion sense and preference for good films!

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Bollywood actor and a fashionista Diljit Dosanjh is known for his content-driven films. Be it the Punjabi film industry or Bollywood Diljit has always aimed for sensible characters which portray realistic plots. However, the actor has also focused himself on the commercial front.

During a recent media interaction, the actor was quizzed if there was any change in perspective while venturing into Bollywood from Punjabi cinema. Diljit spoke on a great length about his film choices and search for sensible characters. He said, “No I had a single perception that - I don’t want to do any such role which was forced onto me. I didn’t want the people to think; what am I doing in such movies? Why did I need to act in such films? Better than that I could have acted in a Punjabi film.

“A good film is always a good film, irrespective of the language, even if the film is a Punjabi or a Hindi film it is still a good film whereas if a film is a bad film it is still a bad film. There’s no point in doing a bad film. Rather than acting in a bad Hindi film, I’d rather do a good Punjabi film,” added the actor.

Further, he also mentioned, “Even today I feel, if I get good work I will do the film, what is the point of doing a big budget film if you don’t have a good character to portray.”

The actor was also asked if there was any big film he regretted of rejecting. However, the actor failed to reveal the name as he said, “Uus chakar mai maine toh ek film aise he kar li thi uus wqat mujhe lag Raha tha yeh toh bohot bade bande hai industry Mai Naya Aya hu agar yeh bura man jayenge toh yeh bhi connected hai yeh bhi connected hai toh yeh saare bura maan jayenge toh uus chakkar Mai avye he ha Kar di uus ke baad vo karke bhi realize huva ki aise bhi nahi karna agar kaam acha hai tabhi kaam milta hai.”

(In the search for a big film I had mistakenly taken up the film, and at that time I thought these people (renowned celebrities and filmmakers) are very influential as I was new in the industry, I hoped these people shouldn't be offended by me for rejecting a big film. I thought each and everyone is connected in the industry but later I realized hard work always pays-off.)

Adding to it, Diljit was also asked who he looked up to for his unique fashion sense, he said, Aisa Koi ek nahi hai paji, mai dekhta rehta hu. Bohot cheesy aisi bhi hoti hai jo Turban ke sath suit karti hai, kuch nahi bhi Karti. Kuch mai experiment bhi kar leta hu kahi bhaar kuch sahi bhi hota hai kahi baar kuch galat bhi hota hai, toh aisa koi example hai nahi jo mai follow karu. Toh iis liye mujhe mismatch he karna padta hai. 

(So there's no single person as such whom I look up to. I am always in search of new trends. There are so many things that don’t go well with the turban but, I keep experimenting. There are times when I commit mistakes. But there’s no such example which I follow. Hence, I keep on mismatching stuff.)

Further he also added, Bohot saare bande hai bohot sare youngsters bhi hai agar apne suna ho Taylor Hyde creator young hai Banda LA se hai uss ka apna brand bhi hai kapdo ka. Mai bhi chahta hu try karna toh uus ko follow karta hu aap dekhna uus ko Instagram pe. Vo gana bhi gata hai.”

(There are many youngsters. You must have heard Taylor Hyde creator who is a youngster from LA and he has his own clothing brand. Even I feel like trying out his outfits. On the other hand, he is also a singer.)

On the work front, Diljit is currently on a promotional spree for his upcoming film Shadaa. The film also stars Neeru Bajwa in a lead role. The upcoming film is their fifth film together.   


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