Diljit Dosanjh hides family from the limelight for this reason? Khel Khel Mein actor Ammy Virk gets candid

With reports around Diljit Dosanjh and his highly secretive family life, Punjabi actor and singer Ammy Virk has said why some celebs prefer it that way Read on to know more.

- By "Team India Forums"
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Courtesy : Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa star in Kudi Haryane Val Di

Diljit Dosanjh is going to be a guest on The Jimmy Fallon Show this week. After his superb gig at Coachella 2023, this is his second big appearance in the US. In the middle of all this, people are discussing how Diljit Dosanjh likes to keep his family life away from the media. It seems he is married to an American-Indian woman and has a son. Ammy Virk who is busy promoting Sonam Bajwa and his film, Kudi Haryane Val Di said that it is his personal choice to keep his family away from the media. He said it his private matter.  He opined that Diljit Dosanjh might have a strong reason to keep his family away from the media glare. Ammy Virk said he too has a wife and daughter. But he prefers to keep them away from the limelight, and even they like it that way. He said that they can roam around anywhere without people recognising them as family members of celebs like Diljit Dosanjh or Ammy Virk. He said this is a trouble and hassle-free life.

There must be a reason that he isn’t introducing them to the world. I also have a wife and a daughter. Even I do not want them to come out in public. They also do not want it.

Ammy Virk on Diljit Dosanjh keeping his family away from public glare

Virk opined that while stardom brings millions of fans but they might even have enemies due to some reasons. Their families should not suffer because of their celeb status. He said now they are living a free life going wherever they want. But he said if information about them is public, they can become easy targets. He was quoted as saying, “This is for their security and this is their own will as well.” 

He was also generous in his praise of his fellow Punjabi. Virk said Diljit Dosanjh is almost 24 years into a career in showbiz. He said he has worked hard for himself. Virk said his energy on stage is something different altogether. He was quoted as saying, “We feel really good. This is just the beginning. He will surely win a Grammy or an Oscar soon."