'Dil Kabaddi' is a film strictly for adults: Irrfan Khan

Mumbai, Aug 28 (IANS) 'Dil Kabaddi' is Irrfan Khan's first full-on film on sexual politics and he says he liked the idea of playing a man who's sexually adventurous.

Mumbai, Aug 28 (IANS) 'Dil Kabaddi' is Irrfan Khan's first full-on film on sexual politics and he says he liked the idea of playing a man who's sexually adventurous.

The actor was so kicked by the character of the philanderer in 'Dil Kabaddi' that he swapped roles with Rahul Bose.

'I like the thought of being a man who's sexually adventurous. I haven't played a character like this before. I'm not going to pretend. 'Dil Kabaddi' is a film strictly for adults. And we shouldn't shy away from saying this,' Irrfan told IANS.

'It's about dishonesty in man-woman relationships. I call it dishonesty by the standards set by civil society. Sometimes you are not satisfied in one relationship and keep looking for sexual and emotional satisfaction elsewhere. I like playing this promiscuous character,' he added.

Irrfan is meanwhile doing something completely different for Tigmanshu Dhulia's biopic titled 'Pan Singh Tomar'. He plays a long-distance gold-medalist in the film and the role has him huffing and puffing like never before.

'In fact, I pride myself for being quite fit. But playing a gold-medallist marathon runner isn't same thing. I've to get into better shape. And I've to look convincing as a long-distance runner,'said Irrfan, who has impressed critics and audiences in films like 'Life... in a Metro' and 'The Namesake'.

There are no half-measures for this method actor. So months before the shooting started, he began running long distances between shooting schedules.

'I enjoy working so much. But I need time for myself. And roles like this one for Tigmanshu's film where I play a real-life character require concentrated preparation. So I'm taking time off from August onwards.'

While there's too much work on his plate, Irrfan's current crop of films give him a chance to interact with some of the most beautiful actresses.

'I shot with Tabu and Natalie Portman for Mira Nair's film. And now I'm shooting with Soha Ali Khan in 'Dil Kabaddi'. And in 'Billo Barber' Lara Dutta is opposite me, and not Shah Rukh Khan. I just can't get over that,' he laughed.

In addition, 'Billo Barber', which is being directed by Priyadarshan, has guest appearances by Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif.

'But all of them are with Shah Rukh,' he said. 'So I'm lately surrounded by beautiful women. The thing about beauty is you can't have too much of it.'

Playing a philanderer and a marathon runner is certainly taxing, isn't it?

'After these two films I'll really have to stop to catch my breath,' Irrfan said.

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