'Dhruv Tara' fame Ishaan Dhawan's health deteriorates while shooting for a key scene; doctors called on sets

Dhruv Tara fame Ishaan Dhawan's health deteriorated while shooting for a key scene in Filmcity today, doctors reach on sets. Read on to know more.

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Ishaan Dhawan

Summers this year have been a cruel affair, and everybody stepping out in the noons will agree. Well, our TV actors work day-in and day-out regardless of the weather outside. While actors do take necessary precautions most of the times, a few unfortunate days can be exceptional. Well, one such incident happened on the sets of Dhruv Tara today, when actor Ishaan Dhawan fell prey to the scorching heat.

Ishaan was shooting for a key scene in Filmcity today and the actor was shooting outdoors. While the sun was at its peak and for the scene Ishaan was hung upside down, the actor got dehydrated and as a result of which lost consciousness and his blood pressure went low. The production house immediatelty rushed to take care of the actor and doctors were called on sets. But because showbiz lives by the rule of 'The show must go on,' As soon as Ishaan felt better, the actor resumed shooting for his scene. 

India Forums got in touch with Ishaan to know more about what exactly happened and the actor gave us the reason behind the incident. Ishaan said, ''I did not eat anything since morning and was continously shooting in the scorching heat of Filmcity, after a point, I started feeling a little weak. I had to be hung upside down for my scene, which my body could not recieve well, and hence my blood pressure shot down. However, doctors were called immediately and now I am feeling perfectly alright.''

Well, All's well that ends well. We hope Ishaan, and all our readers take perfect care of themselves when they step out in the sun. Stay hydrated guys!

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We love you as Dr. Dhruv, but take care of your health

1 years ago

Ishaan health is above everything

1 years ago

Taking care of your health is above show must go on :(

1 years ago

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