Dhruv Bhandari on playing a eunuch...

Yuvraaj aka Dhruv Bhandari of Imagine TV’s recently launched show Rakt Sambandh talks about the major twist in his character to TellyBuzz..

There has always been a longing desire amongst actors to portray roles that are unique and quite different from the typical ones seen on television today!! And amidst all the experimentation, the newest face on television Dhruv Bhandari, son of popular actor Mohan Bhandari dares to play the character of a eunuch, in what is his debut show!! Yes, we are talking about the protagonist in Imagine's latest offering Rakt Sambandh.

The character of Yuvraj, who was introduced to the viewers as a doting son, an eligible bachelor and a shrewd businessman, has much more to it. In yesterday's episode, it was revealed that the guy is neither a man nor a woman, but is a eunuch.

We had a chat with Dhruv Bhandari on what made him accept this intense role. "Undoubtedly the role is challenging, not just because the guy is suffering from a genetic problem but also because it's my first project on television. I was briefed about this development from day one, and I was ready to take this up. I am now waiting for the audience response".

The common notion goes that 'No human is a born Actor' and one has to go through some research to get to the skin of the character, and this is exactly what Dhruv managed to do. "I did undergo personal research sessions wherein I tried to understand the mental trauma that a person of this kind goes through. I had to always keep in mind that my role demanded more of a psychological presentation than physical features."

While Dhruv accepts that he took this show mainly because he wanted to portray this sort of a character, he also acknowledges that the other reason for him to do this show is his dad. "Primarily the character has a great graph and potential, and enacting such a character requires great guts and courage", he quips.

Talking about the viewers' point of view, Dhruv avers "Our television audience has matured with time and we have tried to present a different human personality in a sensitive manner, which is way within the societal boundaries. I hope that audience accepts it in a positive manner."

Every distinctive role and script has a message to convey, and in the case of Yuvraj, the actor states, "Through Yuvraj we are trying to break the common perceptions of people about eunuchs. Also we want to make the point that social backgrounds do have a share in how the person grows up."

We too await the viewers' response just like Dhruv...

Reporter: Ranjini Nair, Pooja Shenoy
Author: Pooja Shenoy

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Comments (13)

Like the concept of the show....and its has happened in real life too...its not only among Indian families but we have witness it in Europe too ...i should say one of friend sister has been through this kind of marriage.....through family pressure....won't say much will see what the show has to give--- love the casts of the show ---

13 years ago

we wanted to see u with good role & good heroine

13 years ago

i applaud the courage of the cv's of this show & the actor. it takes a lot of nerve to showcase such sensitive issues. i always thought indian shows can never show anything sensibly. but looks like i stand corrected. i hope they handle the issue well. i wish all the very best to the actor he is playing a very challenging role & hats off to him for accepting such role. most debutants these days look for easy rom com stuff but this guy took the hard way. i am so watching this one

13 years ago

new n interesting concept.......
this show'll rocks....b'coz of this usp....

13 years ago

that's scary.....imagine marrying a eunuch without knowing....Poor Sandhya!

13 years ago

They ruined Sandhya's life!!!!

I am sure they will get Naman to sleep with Sandya to get a baby and thats why they got him married to a blind girl!!!!

13 years ago

Interesting concept , that means Sandya married a eunuch ?

13 years ago

i just want him to be the protagonist and not the other one

13 years ago

Excellent and innovative concept,
I just hope its handled with the care it deserves

13 years ago

All the best to him for such a challenging role...

13 years ago

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