Desi Dhurandhars make all Indians proud!

DEEPAK AND NISHTHA crowned Gini & Jony Chak De Bachche winners!!

After the 18 week roller coaster ride of exhilarating rises, perplexing dips and unexpected twists, 9X’s mega song–n-dance extravaganza Gini & Jony Chak De Bachche reached its crescendo! The concluding episode on August 2nd was an action packed, adrenaline pumping one with deserving talent maestros Deepak and Nishtha of the Desi Dhurandhars as the winners. Adding to the excitement of the evening, audiences saw Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh stepping up to demonstrate their performing skills, but this time on Gini & Jony Chak De Bachche stage rather than the cricket field! It was Dhoni’s team who finally walked away with the title; he was strongly supporting Deepak and Nishtha all through the episode. Both Deepak and Nishtha were gifted Rs 5 lakh each and a trip to Disneyland presented to them by Yuvraj!

On being crowned as one of the most talented kids in the country, Deepak and Nishtha exclaimed “It has been an amazing experience for us right from the first auditions to tonight’s amazing show and victory. It was great to perform in the presence of Dhoni and Yuvraj sir! We were nervous in the beginning of the episode but as we performances our confidence rose! We are very grateful to the entire 9X’s Gini & Jony Chak De Bachche team especially the choregraphers and production team and we will miss them all. They are like family for us now and we could have never got to where we are today, if it hadn’t been for their continual encouragement and faith. We thank the team, the judges and the audiences who supported us. But we owe this win to Manoj Tiwari. We will never forget this experience for as long as we live”!

On the event of the finals, Indrani Mukerjea, Founder and CEO, INX Media Pvt Ltd. shared her thoughts on the show’s concept and achievement “The main reason that Gini & Jony Chak De Bachche was such a huge success was because of the sheer enthusiasm and fresh untapped talent that all the children involved have. Bringing the people of urban and rural India together created an apt platform to not only, get out the best in all the participants but also attract support for them, from all pockets of the country. It was a sheer pleasure to organise and be a part of such an initiative and it is due to this genuine satisfaction that we will shortly be announcing the second exciting part of the series – “Chak De Sheher Di Kudiyan Te Galli De Gunde”

Special guests at the event, ace cricketers Yuvraj and Dhoni were also full of praises for the Gini & Jony Chak De Bachche. “The talent here tonight is unbelievable and the excitement on stage was infectious!” said Yuvraj. On being asked about his hidden dancing talent which we saw at the show, he said “I enjoy dancing but I’m not half as talented a dancer as these kids! It’s great to see them receive such encouragement so early in their lives. I hope they develop the God given gifts they have received in the form of their talent and pursue careers in the fields of their choice. I wish them all the best”.

Dhoni also commenting on Gini & Jony Chak De Bachche said “It is fantastic to see children from smaller towns getting such a good platform to showcase their talents. I’m over happy to see Deepak and Nishtha live up to the high expectations of all the people supporting them, giving them hope to fulfill their own dreams”.

The judging duo Salim Sulaiman said “It feels good to be a part of such a show and we appreciate the appearances that both Yuvraj and Dhoni made tonight.” They added “The competition between the jodis was very tough tonight and though it was a pleasure judging the episode, it was not an easy job! We tried to guide the kids well and we would like them to concentrate on their studies for now. Their talent is astounding and can surely take them to the heights that they aspire for and wish them well”. Raveena Tandon, also a judge for Gini & Jony Chak De Bachche – “It was my role in the competition to judge the screen presence of each child and each one was a winner. There is a lot of uptapped talent in the far flung areas of our country and shows such as Gini & Jony Chak De Bachche are as asset for our country’s future”.

Dhoni sang the famous Amitabh Bachchan number Salaame Ishq Meri Jaan while Yuvraj rocked on Sing is King.

All in all the last episode of Gini & Jony Chak De Bachche was a complete treat for all the family!

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