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Deepika- Ranveer's Most Squishable Face Post Brings People Closer to their Loved Ones; Inspires a Series of Trend!

Most Squishable face post of Deepika Padukone inspires a series of posts from fans...


Deepika Padukone recently shared a post on her social media with her husband Ranveer Singh, calling him 'world's most squishable face', posting a boomerang. In no time, fans started recreating and replicating the post with their loved ones.

The influence of Deepika’s Instagram handle is evident. With her global presence, whatever Deepika posts becomes a trend and this ‘world's most squishable face’ post inspiring a streak of posts, is proof. 

Some of the fan posts where they are carrying the trend off, are as follows:

Owing to Deepika Padukone's popularity across the globe, the actress holds a massive number of followers on social media platforms. The fans often recreates her looks- from her MET gala silhouette to her promotional looks, Deepika’s posts are widely recreated by fans time and again where ‘world's most squishable face’ is most recently inspiring her fans.


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