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Deepika Padukone's new ACHIEVEMENT might SURPRISE you!

#Did you know: A restaurant has been set up inspired by Deepika Padukone's famous dialogue!


Deepika Padukone recently came across a South Indian restaurant named after her famous Thangabali dialogue.

A South Indian restaurant in Mahim opened recently, who got it's inspiration from Deepika's Blockbuster film, Chennai Express. 

The restaurant is named Thangabali after Deepika's famous dialogue. The dialogue inspired the owners to name their eatery.

Deepika who happened to be passing by the restaurant, saw the place on her way and was pleasantly surprised. 

The actress shared, "I was driving home the other day and suddenly drove past this restaurant called "Thangaballi"! Can you imagine? I couldn't stop smiling! I love South Indian food and I cannot wait to try it out!"

The actress has achieved immense popularity and is loved by her fans for her outstanding performances. Deepika Padukone has given Bollywood characters that are closely etched to in our hearts. 

On the work front, Deepika is currently working on her period drama Padmavati.


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