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Dad Chunky Panday talks about Ananya's fake admission fiasco

In June this year, one of Ananya's ex schoolmate accused her of faking an admission to USC in United States. The rumors were everywhere and Ananya had to talk about it even though she didn't want to. Read about what her father had to say about that period.


Remember the incident where Ananya Panday was accused of faking an admission to the University of Southern California. It happened in June 2019 when a person claiming to be her ex school mate blamed her for faking the admission. After many accusations, the actress came out in the open and talked about it all through her social media account.

She very clearly mentioned that she didn't want to prove herself but had no option but to do otherwise. She posted pictures of her admission certificates to USC and proved the rumors wrong. In a recent interview, her father talked about it all and said that it was a very disturbing period for Ananya. 

He said,"Ananya was a little shaken when the entire fake certificate fiasco happened and that he asked her to open up or else she will be misconstrued forever. Well, when the college incident of hers happened, she took it well but somewhere she was shaken also. That's when I told her that she needs to speak about it and not stay quiet for too long. She kept quiet for long. But I told her she is perhaps the only one who has the chance to clarify. "

Chunky Panday is making the headlines these days for his shift from comedies to negative roles in movies. He is being appreciated for the same as well. After Saaho, he will be seen in Prasthanam too playing a grey character. 


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