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Daadi defeats Sunny's Dhai Kilo ka Haath

Watch out for action hero Sunny Deol making an appearance on Comedy Nights with Kapil, who is all set to promote his upcoming flick Singh Saab – The Great…

The set of Comedy Nights with Kapil was filled with chuckles and laughter as Sunny Paaji made his presence felt amidst the other Punjabis in the house. Promoting his film Singh Saab - The Great', he was honoured by Daadi's entry who threw down the gauntlet and challenged him to a dance competition. Known to have two feet, Sunny graciously accepted but imitating Daadi's signature cross out step is no easy feat.

Sunny however tried to entertain the audience by his simple steps but he failed to imitate Daadi.

Then, Daadi asked him for a Panja' competition. Sunny was in a jovial mood and he accepted the challenge again. What he didn't know was that Daadi never plays fair. After all, all is fair in love and war and Daadi's love for "Man"-kind is no secret. Batting her eyes at him, she was seen ruthlessly flirting with Sunny while enclosing his hand in hers for the "panja". Kapil helped him by interrupting and saying Sunny is your son's age but all in vain. Eventually, Sunny tried his best to beat Daadi by stooping down to cheating by using both his hands but the Dhaai Kilo ka Haath' was defeated by Daadi. As we know, Daadi is known for kissing the celebrity who come to her house and this time was no different -  Daadi grabbed Sunny and kissed him on the cheeks. Lastly, Sunny complimented Kapil for his show & said he doesn't feel like leaving as he was would like to sit and enjoy further.

To know more about how Sunny Paaji had a fun-filled time on set, tune into Comedy Nights with Kapil this Sunday at 10 pm only on Colors.





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PRAGD 6 years ago Sunny Deol was damn good. He is so shy, luvd it.

Daadiii... too good.
2013-11-19 23:06:46
.AngryBird. 6 years ago LOL LOL Daadi Rocks... ...
aishhh. 9 years ago Supeerr excited Heart I lovee Deepika-Saif together <33
If people cannot say good about the article or anything in there, don't bother commenting at all.
KaSu4Life 9 years ago EWWWW.....DISGUSTING. hated love aaj kaal...sucha flop movie. hate this couple....he looks sooo much older than her.
hate saif...he cant act ...hes a cartoon of bollywood flop actor. who wants to see his movies?

deepika she cant act at all...hate the way she talks. but ya she acts better than katrina.....katrina cant act. she doesnt know anything other than NUDITY!

please cast kareena imran!!
rani salman!!
preity salman!!
xx-Rai-xx 9 years ago OMG i can't wait
and no one can say that deeps can't act cuz if deeps can't act then Kat knows nothing about acting
deeps is a much better actress than Kat
moonstruck 9 years ago deepika can't act! does the same roles again and again...and the same annoying dance moves, grins and throws her long arms and legs about in a frenzy :/
mushiroxx 9 years ago wow thats a great news......cant wait to see them together again.............i adore deepika......
munz. 9 years ago Thanks... I adore Deepika... Smile
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