COVID-19: Arjan Bajwa, Arjun Bijlani and Vivek Dahiya Share their Take and Precautionary Measures!

The stellar cast of ZEE5 Series State of Siege 26/11- Arjan Bajwa, Arjun Bijlani and Vivek Dahiya share their take and the precautionary measure they have undertaken during the coronavirus Outbreak.

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Arjan, Arjun and Vivek

The coronavirus outbreak has led to the halt and delay of shoots and the channels are also re-airing it’s shows and relying on it’s episode banks for the same. We talked to the cast of ZEE5 series State of Siege 26/11- Arjan Bajwa, Arjun Bijlania and Vivek Dahiya who shared their take on the same and the precautionary measures that they have undertaken. Have a look:


Arjan BajwaIt’s a good thing that everything has stopped, it’s come to a lockdown because even though it is causing a lot of loss to the whole society in terms of the business but I think health is more important than anything else and I think the government is taking all the possible measures to kind of control the damage which is being done. People must take precautions, whatever necessary in their own way they can, the very simple things which are being said about keep yourselves clean, keep hygiene, wash your hands, all these things we must practice.


Vivek Dahiya- I’m staying at home, I am not really going out and I’m in favour of the government, I am glad that they imposed this, section 144 is there. You may not carry it, you may not think that you have it, some people actually feel that they are invincible and nothing will happen to them but that’s not true because you don’t know when you’ll catch it. I’m maintaining hygiene at home and we are washing our hands regularly. 

Also, I’m reading about it so I know what is true and what is false. There are a lot of speculations and misconceptions around the virus which is not true. I have also shared a chart on my instagram it helped me a lot so I thought I shall share it.


Arjun Bijlani-  I think shooting is not the priority right now, the priority is that nobody should get affected and this spread can get so deadly because imagine the kind of healthcare that would be required for millions of people is very scary and we don’t have that kind of facility. And we are very social people otherwise also, we keep meeting people, we keep hugging them and suddenly there’s a drastic change in our life style so it’s not easy to adapt and I am just worried about people who earn everyday and have to eat everyday, I just hope people around them, if we know anybody who are ones who earn daily wages we should at least provide them so that they can buy some food and they can eat and that’s what the clarity should be. As humanity we need to come together in such a tough crisis. Although we can't step out but I am sure in whatever ways we can help we should help and overload your house with too many things, nothing will be left for others then. We should behave very smartly and wisely right now.

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