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'Comedy Nights With Kapil' to go off-air in January?

The long-running popular comedy show is reportedly set to go off-air in January


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The show, 'Comedy Nights With Kapil' made a roaring entry into the viewers' hearts where actor-comedian, Kapil Sharma and his supporting characters, actors Ali Asgar, Sumona Chakravarty, Upasna Singh, Sunil Grover and Kiku Sharda tickled the bones of many people every weekends.

The show made an instant impact with novel jokes, insult humour and celebrity guests every week. It won immense popularity with Kapil becoming a television star and even bagging a film with directors, Abbas Mustan.

However, if reports are to be believed, the show is set to go off-air in January 2016 after a run of almost two and a half years. According to a leading news entertainment daily, Kapil is said to be miffed with the treatment of the show by the channel with competition from the recently launched show, 'Comedy Nights Bachao' which features his rival comedians in a roast-type humour based format.

After major discussions, Kapil is apparently not satisfied with this outcome and is set to end his show. According to sources, he will launch a new show with a new format with his bunch of comedians in a different channel after a two month break.

We tried contacting the concerned person who refrained from commenting on the news.


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diva82 4 years ago I think he is more upset that the other show is stealing his ideas, and come on, the naming of the show beginning with "Comedy Nights" raises questions.
TheGreatKingdom 4 years ago Hope the news about Sony is true.

Back where he belongs, and there is no doubt the show will do well.
aravapalli 4 years ago its so sad to hear cnwk is going off air. its a wonderful show. with clean and neat comedy. but the reason which kapil said is valid. its true. even we felt the same. so feeling sad for sure as we will miss the show but hoping for the new show from his team for real,
smallwonder 4 years ago Good riddance... Success has gone into his head... No person is bigger than the show - we have seen that with Sunil Grover... Kapil is acting very snobbish and bossy... He should have gracefully accepted fellow artists' show which is doing well in itself... And it is him to blame for that as well... Was he not the onewho insisted on his show being a weekly rrather than bi-weekly due to his wretched film launch issues... His loss was the others' gain as they made apt use of the opportunity to come up with a innovatie show which has become popular among the viewers as well... So no use cribbing... You wanna leave, well and good... The channel is not running because of you... You leave and others will take over - simple as that... Maybe Comedy Nights Bachao would become biweekly!
-Zesty- 4 years ago Hmmm... read some other article where its mentioned , Kapil is miffed with contents stolen from his show, and redone on comedy nights bachao ..

Anyways ... whatever it is ..a fresh start will be good, channel doesnt matter ...People like Kapil, and they watch him irrespective of channel
RainbowPearls 4 years ago CNWK is way better than CNB. Will wait for your new show! All the best Kapil!
Alpha_Ka_Gamma 4 years ago Good decision by Colors. As such CNWK was getting monotonous and Kapil talking about ill treatment to his show is plain crap nonsense. Channel airs more promos of CNWK compared to CNB then what's the problem. His show is even re-airing on Rishtey. Reality is that people are bored of same Dadi Bua Big Lips Gutthu Palak setting. Even TRPs are low.
Week 49 : CNWK: 2.3 & CNB :2.6
So to escape from low TRP reason he is now blaming the channel. Kapil should remember that today he is superstar of Comedy only because of Colors and not bcz of SONY..!!!2015-12-20 23:26:11
Gagani 4 years ago I hope kapil launch his new show on Sony, Sony gave him all the fame to him
krystel21 7 years ago Lots of love and respect to Asha Jee and her family. May God be with her as they overcome their loss.
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