Colors of Holi in Reality Shows this weekend...

How were the musical shows this week? Did they live up to expectations; did they manage to entertain the viewers? What was the highlight and what ware the drawbacks? Read the review to know more

This week musical shows were all about hungama and celebrations. With Holi celebrations going on in full swing around the country, it was inevitable that the themes would be Holi based and both the shows came up with some brilliant performances and did full justice to the themes.

In VOI Chhote Ustaad this week, they decided to go to Jaipur for the last round of eliminations of the show. The show turned out to be a "Royal" affair and the feast of music was indeed fit for a King!

The Raj Pariwar of Jaipur was the guest of honor this week while Urmila joined in as a celebrity guest on Saturday. The final eliminated contestant was Prakriti Giri of Darjeeling. On Friday this girl gave her best performance as a fitting reply to the biased behavior and insults, the judges hurled at her last week. She was chosen as the best performer of the evening by the Jaipur crowd and went off with the Crown of Jaipur. Prakriti's Aunt made sure to stand up and air her views on last week's action of the judges. Though Shreya with her actions let it known that she felt bad with what happened, but it was sad to see the way Kunal tried to defend himself. Even sad was the way he was sulking and sarcastically putting down Abhaas when Abhaas kept trying to sensationalise the "Prakriti incident" from previous week.

Prakriti indeed handled her elimination in the most graceful way. Celebrity guest of Saturday, Urmila Matondkar made sure to entertain the crowd of Jaipur throughout the show. She even went on to sing a song from Mast, which she sang very confidently and enthusiastically in her "mast" way. However, that version was quite far from the actual tune of the song! If Friday was the participants day where all three of them kept outperforming one another, then on Saturday, it was actually Shreya, Abhaas and Toshi who stole the evening with their awesome performances. The format of the show has changed again and henceforth, it will not be any more a J & J (Judge & Junta) affair, but 100% a "junta" affair and the winner would be decided completely by public voting.

K for Kishore too celebrated Holi on their sets this week and the contestants sang all the Holi
duets of Kishoreda. Indian Idol girls with Sanjeevani were there to lend the female voice to the contestants. It was an enjoyable weekend and they all gave some really good performances.

The AV showing how Babul falters during shooting while rendering the Hindi lines could have been avoided even though it was really funny. Babul looked quite embarrassed with the whole thing. The show suddenly seems to have forgotten to inform the viewers about the fate of Amit Paul who was absent from the show even this week. Outstanding performance by Chintan made him get the Kishore Kawach for next week. But it was Rajeshwari who wowed everyone with her singing on Friday.

Nagesh has finally short listed three as the final "Directors Choice"- they being Arnab, Chintan and Nayan. This week Milind Ingle got eliminated. Arnab tried to follow the footsteps of Rex by offering to bow out instead of letting Milind go. This judges' took to be more of a question mark on their judgments. It's interesting that in a similar situation between Rex and Amanat these very judges agreed to let Rex go even though Amanat got eliminated.

The Judges' temperamental reactions, the frequent format changes by the creatives notwithstanding, the contestants surely tried their best to do justice to the themes this week. As far as performances went, be it participants, hosts or judges, they indeed all gave memorable performances. Overall, it was a very masti packed and entertaining musical weekend.

Author: Barnali

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Comments (3)

Prakirti was very good n the show stealer at Jaipur was the singing genius Anwesha..............OMG toooooo good.......i have no words,no superlatives for this girl,she is beyond this competition

16 years ago

i agree prakriti was rocking on fri

16 years ago

I guess I am the first one..
Prakriti Giri's Aunt showed how things can be handled in a dignified way.With head held high and without disrespecting anyone - Prakriti showed how to get back- what a mindblowing performance to end her journey with. Even though all 3 of the participants did well, Friday truly belonged to Prakriti and Saturday it was Shreya all the way with Abhaas and Toshi closely behind.

Kunal should learn to accept criticism in a more graceful way.

16 years ago

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