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Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala Review: An Epicurean Watch That Balances Contrasting Flavors of Storytelling Just Like a Gourmet Meal!

Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala is a freshly baked story with scrumptious performances..


One of the fastest growing OTT platforms of the country, ALT Balaji is rolling out an interesting new series titled Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala featuring Divyanka Tripathi and Rajeev Khandelwal for the first time. It’s a love story between two long lost lovers who are chefs by profession and suddenly happen to meet after eight years of their separation. The series oscillates back and forth in past and present. Due to ALT Balaji's recent collaboration with zee5, the series will also be streaming on Zee5. 

Here’s a brief analysis of the series. Read below and decide whether to invest your time into the series or not.


The series starts with introducing us to chef Nitya, a focused yet hot-headed woman who works as a head chef at a fine dine restaurant named Indie Spice, whose owner is her friend. Gradually we are introduced to the fact that the restaurant is running on loss and even Nitya has not being paid her salary for three months. 

We are then introduced to the fact that Nitya is a single mother and even though she is frustrated and heart-broken over a guy from her past, she stays in denial mode. After much recommendation, the restaurant’s owner agrees for a collaboration with an international chef, Vikram to save the restaurant, but when he comes to the restaurant, we find out that he is Nitya’s ex-lover and the reason of her broken heart and anger. The destiny plays its cards and reunites them after eight long years. 

As the story proceeds, the story oscillates between their past and present. The makers establish the reason behind their separation in the past while they face each other and fight out their emotions in the present. 


Divyanka Tripathi and Rajeev Khandelwal have collaborated for the first time together and seem the apt choice for the role. It’s a pleasant change to see Divyanka in a totally different avatar. Her character is like Chicken Masala, hot and spicy and she has owned the role of chef Nitya. Meanwhile, Rajeev Khandelwal’s character chef Vikram is like Coldd Lassi, cool and flavorful. As usual, he has delivered a brilliant performance and together they both make sizzling hot couple. Their on screen chemistry sets the screen on fire. 

Supporting cast has done a fine job but they get overshadowed by the leads. 

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Screenplay and Direction:

The storyline is fresh and engaging and we love how the oscillation of storyline is clean and doesn’t confuse viewers. The central characters are chefs and we love the authenticity and detailing in their profession. There is a mystery in the show which unfolds gradually and at no point does the story bore the viewers. 


All the scenes where Divyanka and Rajeev are together are the highlights of the series. Their romantic moments, even the scenes where they are fighting are extremely engaging. The scenes from their college days are extremely romantic and exciting. 

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The series is highly recommended for Divyanka and Rajeev fans and all the people who love watching love stories. It’s the kind of series you would like to binge watch with your lover over a lazy weekend.  

P.S.: Grab some popcorn or eatables while binge-watching the show as the visuals can make you craving for food. Bon Apetit..oops.. Bon Binge watching!


**** (4 stars)  


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A HUGE FAN 10 months ago Great job Divyanka Tripathi. You are totally rocking it.
Sanavi 10 months ago Is it available on Zee5? I'm not able to find it
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