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Horrible attempt at making a horror film

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Click – Just makes you sick.

Cast: Shreyas Talpade,Sneha Ullal,Sadaa,Rehan Khan,Chunky Pandey

Director: Sangeeth Sivan

Please don't ask me the story of this film because I don't like to open up the door of bad and revolting memories. I'm just glad I made it alive out of the screening room and did not die of boredom.

Click is illegible and utterly indecent.

The film seems out of date in every way. The trashy costumes and loud make-up of actors only make things worse. It's full of irrelevant conversation and forced expressions.

The plot is messy, gross and revolting… an absolute disaster. It seems like an untidy collage, that doesn't even give you a chance to try to understand it because it's just flashing away before your eyes.

The film is like a swindler who takes you on a merry go round and leaves you empty.

And one message for the makers- Just blood, scary-hairy-white faces with some horror music in the background don't make a horror film, okay?

All the while couldn't help wondering why Shreyas Talpade agreed to do such a film, where his talent proves to be worthless.

I'm sorry but I don't find anything to give a rating except the awesome guts of the makers to put their shoddy piece of work on public display!

Rating: *

Reporter and Author : Susan Jose

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