Chhavi Pandey dating Reyaansh Chaddha? The actors respond

While working on Prem Bandhan, Pandey was the female protagonist and Chaddha recently joined the show.

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Being a part of the acting world and working with other for long periods lead to an inevitable occurrence - linkup rumors. Over the years, we gave witnessed more linkup rumors than we can count and while majority of them have been untrue, a lot of them indeed have been true.

This current linkup rumor between actors Chhavi Pandey and Reyaansh Vir Chaddha seem to be somewhere in between it seems. While working on Prem Bandhan, Pandey was the female protagonist and Chaddha recently joined the show.

Reports suggest that the duo hit it off instantly and continued to spend more and more time everyday. Some have already stated that something is indeed brewing between them. The show is going off-air soon where Chaddha has wrapped up shoot and returned to Mumbai and Pandey will do so tomorrow.

When Pandey was asked about it by ETimes TV, she said, “There is no truth to these rumours. I fail to understand why people can’t let two friends be. Reyaansh and I are good friends, but so are my other co-actors as well. I want to respect the sanctity of my friendship with Reyaansh. I haven’t even thought about being in a relationship with him. Right now, I am single and enjoying this phase.”

On the other hand, when Chaddha was asked about it, he said, “I met Chhavi for the first time on the set and we instantly connected with each other. Most of my scenes were with her. We bonded over our similar approach towards life. In my acting career so far, I have never connected with any of my co-actors as organically and seamlessly as I have with Chhavi. She is a genuine person. However, calling it a relationship is way too far-fetched. It’s just been a few weeks since we got to know each other and we are good friends.”

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