Celebs galore on Killer Karaoke!

Famous faces of TV will be seen in an episode of Killer Karaoke on & TV...

& TV's unique reality show Killer Karaoke, has seen several television actors coming and participating in the Karaoke competition. Viewers for now have already seen the kind of challenges that each of the contestants have to face without losing the track on the song they are singing.

Our source informs us, "The upcoming episode of Killer Karaoke will see one actor, singer and dancer in one team which will compete with another actor, singer and dancer in the opposite team. Vishal Singh (Saath Nibhana Saathiya), Prince Dua (Dance India Dance) and Anmol Malik (daughter of Anu Malik) will compete against Roopal Tyagi (last seen in Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke), Alisha (Dance India Dance) and singer IshQ Bector. Besides these, Chaitanya Chowdhury, Aarti Singh, Manish Raisinghan, Gaurav Chopra, Soni Singh, Kamya Punjabi too will be seen on the episode."

Amid all the fun and entertainment, we hear that the dancer Price injured himself. Telling us about it our source says, "Yes, Prince got injured while performing a task on the sets. He was distracted as balls were being hurled upon him while he was singing on the show. He got hit by one of the balls and started bleeding from his mouth."

When we contacted Prince, he confirmed the news. Also when we contacted Vishal to know more about enjoying on the show, he said, "It was interesting and I had a lot of fun while shooting for Killer Karaoke. It was the first time I sang on the stage and the task which was given too was very difficult. I thoroughly enjoyed on the show."

Elated Roopal told us, "It was very nice and I had too much of fun. I first thought I cannot sing but my Guruji trained me and asked me to concentrate on my singing. When you are on stage and performing the task, you just cannot focus on the Sur-Taal. The fun does not end here; the entire crew of the show including Krushna Abhishek played a prank on me saying I have to perform a stunt with a snake. I was actually petrified and started crying. Krushna took me on stage and threw a rubber snake on me and that is when I came to know that everyone was fooling me. They played a prank on me."

The celebs galore episode is surely going to be an interesting one!

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Chaitanya Chowdhury

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Gaurav Chopraa

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Vishal Singh

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Prince Dua

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke

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Killer Karaoke

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya

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And TV

Comments (18)

Roopal Tyagi u will be amazing can't wait to see this.

9 years ago

looking forward to see Manish Raisinghan in the episode :)
when is the telecast???

9 years ago

love u MANISH RAISINGHAN...keep going...

9 years ago

Roopal Tyagi I can't wait to see you on Killer Karaoke

9 years ago

U r jst amazin MANISH RAISINGHAN... Lukng fwd 2 wtch d episode.

9 years ago

Manish Raisinghan...waiting for you...you r so cute..as always...

9 years ago

manishraisinghan rocks as siddhant love him alot

9 years ago

I will watch just for Roopal Tyagi she will rock for sure.

9 years ago

Looking forward of hearing Manish Raisinghan sing

9 years ago

Manish Raisinghan rocks in Sasural Simar Ka.

9 years ago

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