Celebration Time for Swastik Pictures..

The Producers of Swastik Pictures, Siddharth Tewary and Vikas Seth threw a party marking the success of their show on Sahara One, Saas V/s Bahu...

Swastik Pictures, the Producers of Saas V/s Bahu threw a party on Friday night to celebrate the success of their above new Sahara One dance reality show. Siddharth Tewary and Vikas Seth welcomed guests and looked after them personally. Most of the Saas and Bahus were present at the party and had a whale of a time.

Aanchal Dwivedi who loves to dance quips, “This concept is unique in the sense that for the first time you will see saas and bahu taking their nokh jokh to the dance floor”. Saumya Tandon added that “Initially I was bit shocked by the masala, for such things can easily go out of control”. Chavi Hussain justified the drama saying that “If it would not be there the public will not tune in”.

Seema Kapoor who has not danced before says that her stage experience would surely come in handy. She rejected allegations that the channel has briefed them on what to do “What you see is what really happens”, states she.

Juhi Parmar defended her taking part in reality shows saying that, “I am different in every outing. While Comedy Circus showed my humorous side, Saas vs Bahu will see me as a dancer as well”.

Amita Chandekar was quite happy that there is no SMS voting, for some times the public tends to vote more for the character than the performance. Remind her of Nach days and she says “I have got much better since then. A number of factors had gone against me which I don't want to talk about”. On the reasons for not having SMS voting Producer Siddharth Tewary admitted that “People want free entertainment and would not pay SMS money anymore. This was a new fad which was begun by Indian Idol, but is on the wane now”.

Barkha Bisht says that “I love to dance and this Saas vs Bahu show will give me a chance to showcase my ability which I unfortunately could not show in Nach”.

Himani Shivpuri took on those who questioned the ability of Saas group to dance. “It's all in the mind, women these days are even dancing in the eighties. I throw a challenge to these young girls and we will give them a run for their money”. To this, Saumya reacted saying “We will work that extra bit and show who the winner is”.

Also seen were Amber Dhara girls who said that they were still under contract with Swastik Pictures. The other guests included Amit Verma, Gaurav Chopra, Mahesh Thakur, Maria Goretti, Chandani Roy, Samir Kocchar, Soketu Parikh, Dr.Purnima, Vijay Kalantri, Mushtaq, Rohit Verma, Sachin Sharma, Harry Anand & Sanjeeda Anand, Bidaai Team, Shantipriya, Sahil Khan, Sachin Shroff, Apara Mehta, Faisal Khan, Asheish Roy, Gauri and Yask Tonkk, Muskaan Arora, Indraneil, Pracheen...

The party rocked till the wee hours of the night...

Reporter:Anil Merani
Pictures: Supriyo Das

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Sanju baba.. hmmm chalo hope things get better...
and yaar why you have to submit false certificate and all..
Shaadi karni ha ito sab kuch legal karke karo na yaar

16 years ago

some ppl always wants to make trouble for others. very sad for sanjay and Manyata.

16 years ago

please stop this show and start my favt show which is firangi second chance because indian dramas are so boring waiting for my favt show to start again.Saas vs bahu is a show where cheap bahu and fat saas dance togather.

15 years ago

oh god i couldn't recognise muskaan(vaishnavi)...she looks different here.....

15 years ago


thnaks for these

all look nice

both ju and sachin look fab

loved ju's outfit


15 years ago

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Juhi Parmar looks out of the world
I just love her soooooooooooooooooo much till the end of counting

15 years ago

SVB is a rocking show. I wish Mouni was able to participate in it!!

15 years ago

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