Celebrating Life's Beauty: Newly married Ashish Vidyarthi's delightful photo with wife Rupali sparks joy

Today, Ashish Vidyarthi took to social media to share a delightful photograph alongside his wife Rupali, capturing a moment of pure happiness.

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Ashish Vidyarthi

Renowned actor Ashish Vidyarthi astonished the public earlier this year with the announcement of his second marriage. In a private ceremony held in Kolkata, he tied the knot with Rupali Barua, a fashion entrepreneur from Assam. Following their wedding, the newlyweds embarked on a romantic getaway to an undisclosed destination, leaving fans curious about their idyllic retreat. 

Today, Ashish took to social media to share a delightful photograph alongside his wife Rupali, capturing a moment of pure happiness. The snapshot features the couple casually seated on a bus, beaming with joy as they pose for the camera. While the location remains a mystery, Ashish expressed his gratitude for the love and well-wishes received, addressing his dear friends and acknowledging the beauty of life. His caption read, "Thank you dear Dosst, for your love and wishes.. Alshukran Bandhu.. Alshukran Zindagi. Thank you Tintin for this beautiful capture!."


Followers expressed their adoration, commenting on the adorable nature of the photograph and adorning their messages with red heart emojis. In the midst of their joyous celebration, Ashish faced criticism and trolling after revealing his remarriage. Reports circulated suggesting that he had entered into wedlock at the age of 60. However, the actor took to Instagram to clarify the misunderstanding through a heartfelt video. 

In the clip, he emphasized that he is currently 57 years old, while Rupali is 50. Ashish candidly shared the story of how he and Rupali crossed paths, explaining that their connection grew over time and eventually led them to the decision of walking together as husband and wife. He further emphasized that age holds no significance in matters of happiness, highlighting the importance of respecting individuals and their unique life choices. With this clarification, Ashish aimed to foster an atmosphere of understanding, encouraging everyone to embrace their own paths and celebrate the diverse ways in which people choose to live their lives.

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