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Celebrating 60 years of Independence with 60 Glorious Stars - II

Continuing with the celebrations with your favorite stars...

Published: Thursday,Aug 16, 2007 11:23 AM GMT-06:00
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Telly Buzz gifts you with another 30 bouquets, coming to you from your favorite stars.  Check out Part 1 by  Clicking Here!

Sharad Malhotra:

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My message is simple and sweet! I wish everybody of the Nation and all my fans a Very Happy Independence Day. Live life, and use freedom in a very simple way, and don't misuse it. My plan for tomorrow will be to shoot from morning till afternoon. Then I am out with all my friends, dressed in my traditional best; I love to wear kurtas and pyjamas. We will probably hit a restaurant and have a good lunch, and then we will go watch the Movie Chak De India. I hope I have a Blast tomorrow and my day rocks. Wish a Very Rocking Day to all too.

Anand Survyavanshi:

I don't belive that India is retireing. We are actually going into an era where India is going to be on the top. With the young generation realizing their dreams, given the next few years, India is going to be on the top. For this day, I would just like to tell the citizens of India that - DO IT. Please don't waste your time thinking about things that don't matter, just go ahead, take on the action, be responsible and just - Do it!

Sachin Shorff:

On 15th, I am going to get up early for a change, generally on holidays I don't get up, but this time I'll make sure I get up early and spare a few moments thinking about the people who have given their lives for the country. I will try to make it to the flag hoisting, not sure yet. I would like to tell my fans that appreciate your country, be proud of being Indians, don't take drugs, rather enjoy the high of life!

I think my message for Independence day would be that people, you are doing a great job by multiplying, and please keep it up, don't let the growth rate (of population, not economy) slow..... kidding. On a more serious note, India is developing, and I am happy that it's doing so well, and the credit goes to all the hard working people who dared to go against the norms and get India up there. We have to carry forward that trend. I think people need to come out of their 'chalta hai' attitude, and raise their standards in life. Ofcourse, you can't be perfect. But even a lillte bit of effort would make so much difference. If, as a driver, i start following rules, respect regulations, almost all the traffic situation would get better all by itself ! It's happening - look at delhi, it's no less than any other metro in the world, so we are getting there. Still, we still have miles to go before we can look around and be proud of ourselves. I would first go into a self correction mode, and change myself and make me a better person. It starts with me.

Karan Mehra:

Live and Let Live, Love your country, love your parents. Speaking about Mumbai, we need to work on the infrastructure and the roads. Mumbai was once known as City of Flyovers, but today we need to improve in this. I am from Delhi, have seen Delhi grow like anything. Basically, we need better roads, railways, education to all is a must! We need to divert the money to good use and not let politicians eat it. Let's Clean the Country somehow!

Suhasi Garodia:

I would want to tell the people who have settled abroad, leaving their own country that they now need to get back to India. So many people have worked hard in getting us this freedom, so let us get back to our own country and spread unity and live together.

Jayati Bhatia:

First and foremost, go and watch the movie Chak De India. It is simply superb; it talks about the Spirit of our Country. If you want to feel patriotic or want to give back to the country, do your work honestly, and try to be honest. Take the first step forward; give 100% to whatever you do. Remember you are giving it back from what you got; this is exactly what we do in daily soaps too. We work with complete conviction and honesty, make every unbelievable situation and story believable for the audience, that is why you all love seeing soaps. Similarly, give 100% with honesty; this will help in taking our country forward.


Hello to all my friends at IF. On this day, firstly I'd like to wish one and all a very happy Independence Day. 60 years of freedom – its high time we not only salute our freedom fighters but implement the reason for which they fought for this freedom, that is Unity of all Indians irrespective of caste, creed, religion, region or God. Lets stop saying I'm Hindu, I'm Muslim etc, lets just say I am an Indian and lets say it proudly. Be proud to be an Indian. I know its tough but so was the fight for our freedom. Remember there is nothing impossible if we dream. Lets dream of keeping India, our India peaceful inspite of having so many different cultures. Lets learn to respect every religion and every culture and fulfil our dreams and goals – that of peaceful India, clean India, Our India. Happy Independence Day, God Bless and Keep Smiling.. – Tina. Varun Badola:

I am not really in a position to give out any message, because freedom is so personal. Only thing I can say, please preserve our independence, and respect it. Because country's freedom means our freedom. The most important thing that could be done is to inculcate the basic civic sense in people. Everyone is quick to crib that India lacks this, India lacks that, but you have to see how much respect you yourself give to the country. Difference comes one person at a time. One thing I would do is to drive away laziness in people, change their attitude.

Jai Bhanushali:

I am definitely going to the flag hoisting in my colony. Ever since I was kid, I have never attended such events. But on 15th, I am going get up early, dress up in a white kurta payjama, and go to the flag hoisting. I want to follow the path of Bhagat singh. I would like to tell my fans to really begin doing something for the country and also, to make sure that they don't throw flags on the streets.

Aneek Dhar:

I used to put up the National flag in my balcony early morning and then with everyone used to go out in the streets singing patriotic songs with the Flag in our hands.

Shuba Mudgal:

People only remember 15th Aug. And 26th January very easily, because they got these two very easily. if today they had to fight it out and then taste them i am sure they would have behaved differently. but still I have doubts how many actually remember or value them. i feel most use the day more as a fun holiday.

Rakesh Bapat:

Many martyrs have given their lives for our country, so let our acts now speak in volumes. We should do good and be good and let us make an attempt to make our martyrs proud. We have got this freedom after a lot of bloodshed, but the fact is that many have gone thro' pain and suffering to give us these glorious days. Now it is our turn; let us do something so that we aer worthy of being called 'Indians'.

Pulkit Samrat:

First of all, I an very disappointed to see that nobody in this country has independence of speech. If somebody comes up with any expression from anywhere in India, there is always one party or the other that comes against this. You can see the case of Taslima; it was ridiculous the way they attacked her. The thing is the it is an Independent country, people talk of democracy. I would say that this country right now is full of hypocrites, because at one point you talk about democracy and freedom of speech and on the other hand, you always curb those democratic rights and freedom of speech and expression. Every ruling party says that Youth is the Future of India, but then if you see a youth protesting against something on the road, you stop him. If you come to the Judiciary System, it works only for the top class people. The middle class people are nowhere to stand, and the lower class is obviously no use, there is no hope for them. So in total, I don't think we are doing great. It is our responsibility to take care of these things, rather than counting other people's faults.

Sumedha :

To tell the truth it meant going to our school to watch the flag hosting but more than that it was the sweet packets that we used to get later which used to be on my mind more.

Divyanka Tripathi:

There are a lot of people who have lost lives for the country. And there are a lot of people who are now taking responsibility for the country. I urge the citizens of India, to be responsible and to live atleast one day for our country, who has given us so much. Wishing you all a very Happy Independence Day!


I would say working towards nations' progress in a person's own small way should be inculcated. I would like to see India as one of those distinguished country, it is always being a great nation. The most important thing is that I would always like to see India as a more secular and country with harmony. Jana Gana Mana is the song that comes to my mind, not just on Independence Day, but always when Patriotic song is concerned.


Independence is something everyone got from their birth but many are taking advantage of it. So now I feel from them some freedom should be taken back so that few others can use it properly.

Ashima Ballal:

I think we have come a long way and we have lots of thing going on and as Indians we should never go any where and be together and make our country the best. When it comes to the term of corruption, Still in India it is like, it is my state. I think we should all join together, it is high time now and we should come forward. As a kid, I have really enjoyed Independence Day, I used to be very active, sing and do a lot of stuff. For me, the best part is that the next day of Independence Day is my Birthday.! The favorite of mine is 'Ae Mere Watan Ke Logo'…

Parakh Madan:

Be happy and privileged to be a part of this country.. There is no country which is as rich in culture as our country is, and still united.. Be happy and keep all around you happy.

Neha Mehta:

What doesn't India have today? On my trip to Europe, I was shocked to see the difference between India and other countries. India in my eyes is now a developed nation, and the people of the world don't see that. They supress India, as they see Indians as a threat, as in, Indians have everything they don't. and that's why they don't want us to excel. I am really proud of India, not just b/c iam an Indian citizen, but honestly, India desrve to be number one. Trust me, in the next 5 years, or at the most ten years, India is going to ace over all nations. Its time the citizens of India realise this, and wake up and do something for their country. Indian currency is doing so well now, soon, its going to be counted among dollars and pounds. its even going to leave them behind i guess. its shocking how people dont realise this. India has brains, natural resources, man power, everything, and we still dont utilize all our resources and then end up being called a developing nation. india is not a developing third world country, it is infact a developed nation.

Vishal :

Fundamental Rights and Fundamental duties, both are important. They both co-exist together. You can’t expect to get fundamental duties done if you are not given fundamental rights too.

Sarita Joshi:

To all the people who love India, wishing you a very happy indepedence day. India has got your love and support, and it needs more of it in the future, so lets get together, and make India a better place.

Swapnil Joshi:

I am going to rehearse for my show - Comedy Cirucs all day on 15th. Honestly speaking, its ridiculous about how we critcise India. Today, people who have gone aboard want to come back home. India today has everything. Why will anyone want to leave India? We are a developed nation, then why are being tagged as the third world country? We should rather be proud and make sure that we do even better. Trust me, in the next few years, India is going to do so well. We will leave behind all other countries. I would like to tell my fans that India needs us, so lets get up and do something wonderful for our country.

Twinkle Bajpai:

Firstly I am very proud that all the Indians have come together to save Taj, so I would just like to give the message to all the Indians and even all the Indians abroad also that be together, be united because united we are going to stand and divided we will fall, that's a say. So be united and be a true Indian, whenever India needs you be there. From school days, Independence Day used to be like festival only; I never used to enjoy Holi or Diwali or Dushera so much that I used to enjoy in 15th of August. I was the head of my school coid, so I used to sing. We used to have plays, dance and then we used to get sweets on Independence Day.. This has been my fondest memory. My favorite Patriotic song is Mera Rang De Basanti Chola..


I will be enjoying my freedom on 15th, as I am not shooting. So that will be my freedom! (laughs) I want to tell the people of India, that respect India, and respect our national language. People now a days only speak in English, they should learn to talk in Hindi.

Mauli Dave:

The difference I find in American and Indian celebrations on Independence day, is just that there the day was celebrated in a big hall while here it is the whole country. I can feel the atmosphere and its making me feel so proud to be called an Indian.

Rajesh Kumar:

Since it's a dry day, I am going to make sure that I don't drink and expect the people of India to do the same. (laughs) on a more serious note, we have come up a long way, and lets make India a better place, its doing great already, lets work on it more.

Mihika Verma:

I would like to say that lets not use this day to think of just the past achievements. Let us move forward and think about our own community, the little ways in which we can keep things in place. Lets not litter, try not to bad mouth. I am of the younger generation, so I would believe in doing little things my own way rather than tall talk. Whenever I go to a theatre, the way we all stand up to Janaganamana is something really awesome. We stand up being in awe of it. This is the spirit of our country, but we need to do lots.. Let us start at our own homes. Every year, I surely buy lots of flags and put it all around my house. I also make a resolution every year, like a new year one. This year, my resolution is to work hard and to do something good for my family and the ones who love me..

Kiran Karmarkar:

On what bases can we celebrate independece day? Its just another holiday. Until you wont get up and do something, nothing is going to happen. The youth of India need to get up and do something for the country. Just talking about India, and dreaming that India should improve in a certain way, wont really solve anything. Stop dreaming and do something!

Telly Buzz Wishes All a Very Happy Independence Day.. Hope you had a Great Day, Hope you had a nice time reading the quotes of your Favorite Stars.

Reporters: Srividya Rajesh, Minnie Gupta, Barnali, Hiral Anju Bhatt, Kirti
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

P.S: We apologise if any of your Favorite Star got missed out. The Quotes of stars depended on their Availibility and Time Constraint.

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