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Celebrate the magic of love!

Enjoy the dose of blockbuster and get entertained to watch the special movies.

Love is in the air and India's premium Hollywood movie channel Sony Pix is all set to cast a spell on you with blockbuster movies of heroes who did it 'All for Love'. Celebrate Valentine's Day with Sony PIX as it gets ready to amaze you with a special line up of movies that will make your hearts flutter all day long on February 14th.. So sit back and get a dose of blockbuster action this Valentine's Day and STAY AMAZED.

'Go All-Heart' with Hancock starring Will Smith and Charlize Theron at 11 AM, witness death by love in the Latest Bond blockbuster Skyfall at 1PM, the first of the epic trilogy The Terminator at 4PM, spin a web of love with Spider-man 2 at 6:30PM and do the impossible with Mission: Impossible 2 at 9PM on Friday, 14th February only on Sony PIX.

 Tune in to catch All for Love' on February 14; fall in love again and get your dose of action this Valentine's Day only on Sony Pix.



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