Brotherhood, or Boy Bonding ..?!

February is on, and for all else that the month may represent, there is the unforgettable cupid factor. In our well considered plans, at BollyCurry ...

"I'm getting a bit worried now," he said, a strange declaration in gratitude, at being awarded a Star Screen trophy, "Two consecutive years I receive the jodi award and both with boys!"

Wife Aishwarya may have laughed it off, but Junior Bachan with his solemn look at this stance had expressed a concern that drew our attention. Cause the thing is, he was right on mark! February is on, and for all else that the month may represent, there is the unforgettable cupid factor. In our well considered plans, at BollyCurry, we decided the boys needed independent attention this once!

So here go, dear readers, our nominations for BollyCurry's Favorite Jodi, (Male) ... !!

* John and Abhi's dostana - It is a landmark, a tribute one must owe to the establishment of this category in our awards, and for drawing our attention to the situation in the first place!

* Shah Rukh and Saif (Kanta Bein's nightmare come true) - When they were paired on stage for hosting, it was the beginning of a new trend. If the female section of the industry had whined about the male dominating scenarios all over, the boys, paying no heed, took it a step further - proving that even basic stage MC roles could be done without them!

* Imran's Ajab prem with Gajab Ranbir - KJo, on stage, was compelled to accept that the two qualified in all needs and strides to fulfill the boots for Dostana -2. Although the sequel is retaining its old duo, no one can deny how many hearts were won by the 'fraternity' displayed by these chocolate heroes, as co-anchors!

* Akki, Shetty: hera pheri in love - Time after time the pair has come together to deliver hits, whether those from early 90's like Mohra, or those after the turn of the century like Hera Pheri, and many more... They are not ideal love partners, Sunil has often claimed they are not even cordial co-stars for all of Akshay's pranks he falls victim to, but the fact remains. Audiences have reeled at their jesting and antics, never complaining of the humor becoming stale!

* Amit ji the Jai, Dharam paaji the Veeru - The phenomenal duo and their work in Sholay is timeless, immortal. Whatever age and era we talk of and refer to, there is no way to skip this dosti! One goes back to think then, if Abhishek's concerns were not hollow indeed, perhaps, its a trait he simply inherited?!

Enough said! Its time now for the readers to give their verdict. Say, mirror mirror on the wall, who's the gay-est of them all ... ?!!

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