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‘Boycott Kareena Khan' trends after she demands Rs 12 Crore to do Sita's role

Kareena Kapoor Khan has reportedly demanded a whooping Rs 12 crores to play Sita on screen. This has miffed netizens who bashed the actress on social media

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Boycott Kareena Khan

Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor Khan seems to have invited trouble as netizens take Twitter by storm after a report suggested that she will be seen essaying the role of Sita in the film. 

A recent report suggests that Bebo has increased her fee for the period drama film, and has hiked her fees to a whopping 12 crores to play Sita in the film. While there has been no official update about the same, it has irked a group of netizens who started trending ‘Boycott Kareena Khan' on Twitter.

Netizens alleged that Kareena is hurting their religious sentiments and that the demand of Rs 12 crores to play ‘Sita’ is too much and is 'against humanity'. Some people also called to boycott Sita's director for planning to cast Kareena. Some netizens also dragged her son ‘Taimur Ali Khan’ in the controversy.

Earlier this week, a report in Bollywood Hungama suggested that Kareena was approached by the makers of Sita and she had asked for a whopping Rs 12 crores. The report cited a source who claimed, "Kareena who usually asks for INR 6-8 crores for films has quoted a sum of INR 12 crores which have put the producers in a tizzy. In fact, right now, they are reconsidering their decision and in talks to take the film to a younger actress instead. But Kareena still remains the first choice."

Any official confirmation from the makers or the actress is yet to arrive.

Kareena Kapoor

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BiloxiBlues 1 months ago Apparently, my last comment was too long, so here's the conclusion which was truncated:

If I remember some of them were also not adherents of the religion, nor those who had abandoned it as easily as one would an old shirt.

The producers of this movie would be well advised to not treat this production as some cheesy song and dance entertainment. Remember “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”
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BiloxiBlues 1 months ago I don’t normally do this, but I need to respond to my detractor(s) once, then I’ll keep my peace as no amount of rationale will convince these are people. They are too blinded by their own viewpoints and see seeing imaginary monsters in their inkblot tests.

I’ll say it again, s-l-o-w-l-y this time: Kareena Kapoor is not suitable for this role. As I see it, the optics are not right for the general Indian population. Asking for an obscene amount of money just adds fuel to the fire. She’s not doing anyone a “favor” when plays the part. She’s loaded with wealth, and this is a symbolic role, very revered in the religion for which it is identified.

She should have taken it as an honor and done it for pittance, but instead chose to display her superficiality. She doesn’t possess anywhere near the acting chops of some of her illustrious relatives. Look up established actors around the world who have charged next to nothing for doing honorable roles they have feelings for.

Regarding so called “Hindutva” - I’ve no idea what my detractor blabbered out there. Since he/she pulled out “that” card: I think the people who follow the faith Sita represents would be more accepting of a person of any other religion playing the part (big compensation notwithstanding), than someone they perceive to be one of “their own” who apparently turned away from her own religious background. Hence, they see red and consider her completely unworthy.

I could keep talking until the cows come home, but you likely don’t have the wherewithal to comprehend it and leap to unfounded politico-religious arguments – which I have no interest in. Having said that, one doesn’t need to be “fair-skinned” or even very beautiful to play the role of Sita.

Remember how the “Mahabharatha” TV series, from the 80s, became sensational despite its lack of technical finesse? Because they chose almost unknown actors who had a deep connection with their parts and came off as very convincing. If I remember some of them wer
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luvumjht 1 months ago Well, any one can charge whatever they want, but Kareena Kapoor is way too over-hyped. There has been nothing prolific in her body of work. She can be replaced by any actress. She has just tagged along big Bollywood heroes or done 2nd or 3rd instalment of hit movies. A below par actresses, a rude human, nothing in her is either inspiring or attractive. Hope the producers zero-in on an actress who is capable of pulling of the role.
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BeyondHorizon 1 months ago I don’t understand y an issue is being made of this. Not a fan of Kareena to be honest but if she demands a certain fee what is wrong in that? She is asking what she feels is rightfully her due and if the makers think she is worth it or her acting is worth it they will pay. Else they will sign on another actress. It’s their money at stake. Not ours. If we don’t like it we need not spend our money to watch it. As simple as that. Y drag religion into it and make it a political issue?
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Colors2012 1 months ago Anushka from Bahubali will be apt for this role
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BiloxiBlues 1 months ago I don’t understand who these “producers” are who approached such an unqualified individual as Kareena Kapoor to play Sita. The so called “Bollywood” continues taking wrong turns. This time they’re treating a hallowed institution like The Ramayana and Sita like it was another entertainment blockbuster in the making. Sita is not merely a character in a play – she is a highly revered symbol and if anyone should play her, it should be a complete unknown. Not some cheesy actress who had a free ride into the Hindi Film Industry. In fact, by all accounts, even her persona comes off as someone who’s turned her back to the religion and culture of her origins. She has the gall to ask for money to portray such a revered person. Someone as rich as her should have asked for a token payment of $1, as playing the part of Sita is an honor, not some favor to the producers or the audience. People who are supporting her right to obscenely ask for money have not the slightest clue about who or what Sita and the Ramayana represent. Either that, or support the status quo of the current state of the Hindi Film Industry – which is a very sad mistake to make as this institution needs to be turned upside down as I have already stated. I am neither overly religious, nor an Indian, but am someone who fell off my chair laughing when I first heard Kareena had been approached for playing the role of Sita.
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WoZindagi 1 months ago give these people employment please
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ashsamik 1 months ago I would really suggest people to shut their mouths regarding there anyone out there who is asking the male actors how much they are getting for their roles....just bcoz someone leaked her amt all are bossing around as if you are's her life and her work...she can demand as much as she wants....
If you are not man enough to ask the male actors you have no right to ask her about her choices... PERIOD...👍
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--Amulya-- 1 months ago She, as an actress can demand any amount she sees suitable to play a role and it solely lies on the producer to comply with it or not. But I doubt whether she would suit the role of Sita!!
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CriticusExpert 1 months ago This article is not correct in saying netizen and 12 cr. The truth is that it is kanganas paid trolls who are pasting the same post over and over, because kanga feels it is her role. So they are being abusive and ridiculous.
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