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Bong Beauty Megha Chakraborty cooks up yummy Bengali treat for Badi Devrani cast

Actress Megha Chakraborty aka Reeti of Shashi Sumeet Productions Badi Devrani has left everyone on the sets gaga over her culinary skills.

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Actress Megha Chakraborty aka Reeti of Shashi Sumeet Productions Badi Devrani has left everyone on the sets gaga over her culinary skills. Talented Megha is not only a brilliant actress but also a fantastic cook who whips up some lip smacking Bengali dishes.

Recently she treated the entire cast of the show to yummy Bengali style fish curry that she had specially prepared for her co-actors. The team loved the food so much that they couldn't stop licking their fingers

Megha's co-star Shubhi Ahuja couldn't stop praising Megha's curry and said "The curry was a complete delight for food lovers like me. We were totally unaware that Megha is such an amazing cook. Now we are looking forward to tasting more of her yummy Bengali food".

Excited Megha says "Today our lunch was special as I treated the entire unit to Bengali style fish curry. I specially cooked for them as I got a holiday a day before and had some free time to prepare. I am happy that the unit loved the dish as well as appreciated my culinary skills".

As we say the team that eats together stays together, which is true with the cast of Badi Devrani!

Megha Chakraborty Shubhi Ahuja Badii Devrani 

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BepannaahPyaar 5 years ago I'm very glad to know that the cast share an amazing bond! Megha Chakraborthy and Mudit Nayar are amazing as Vibhor-Reeti!
Badi Devrani is an amazing show!
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clarity 5 years ago Glad to see the entire cast bonding and enjoying themselves. Loving Megha Chakraborty and Mudit Nayar as ViTi aka Vibhor&Reeti.
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shree_25sm 5 years ago she is fantastic actress , loved as reeti ...
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Mahabhootni 8 years ago Very interesting point. Not every new comer is a star kid with Daddy's crores to pay for makeup and hairstylist. This new policy will make sure even fewer new comers without star connections will be allowed in Bollywood. Yikes.

I don't think I can handle more star kids and their terrible acting.
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Luv4games 8 years ago Some actors like to keep body guards, cooks, personal managers and all that.. yes in this case Production house is not suppose to pay for all this shit. but again for makeup artish and stuff why the actors should pay.
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priyapiya 8 years ago It Will All Depend Upon Why The Staffs Are Getting Hired...
If The Staffs Are Getting Hired On Behalf Of The Production House To Get The Actors Make Up,Dress Desgining,Hair Desiging etc... Done Then Why Should The Actors Pay For Them???
It Is The Production And The Channel Staffs Responsbility To Pay All Those Extra Staff And Not The Actors...
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0-SD-0 8 years ago Wow!!! I never thought this way. yes, Anupam. Agree with u that slab rate or to apply discretion of self-pay for the actor to start after a base income assessment that can be waived off.
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JiyaRe 8 years ago Erm, why so upset?? Everybody has to pay for thier own staff. Simple if one cant affrod personal staff, then they should not employ them.

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