Bombay to Bangkok - Movie Review

Nagesh Kukunoor's latest 'Bombay to Bangkok' tries to be different in the sense that it tries out a cross cultural romance in a humorous light.

Cast- Shreyas Talpade, Lena Christensen, Manmeet Singh, Vijay Maurya

Director- Nagesh Kukunoor


Nagesh Kukunoor’s latest ‘Bombay to Bangkok’ tries to be different in the sense that it tries out a cross cultural romance in a humorous light. It ends up as a potpourri of romance, drama, comedy amidst culture clash. And the result is not all that impressive.

Shreyas Talpade stars as Shankar a small time thief who in a desperate bid to earn some money stealsfrom the local don (Naseeruddin Shah) and posing as a doctor manages to escape to Bangkok. He loses his money bag however.

He meets pretty Thai girl Jasmine (Lena Christensen) who works in a massage parlour. But she only speaks Thai and later when she starts working as a volunteer in the same relief camp, his feelings for her increase. His Sardar friend Rachinder steps in and acts as the interpreter. After a lot of ups and downs he wins over Jasmine as he runs away from the don’s son (Vijay Maurya) and hunts for the lost money bag.

A few sequences in the film are interesting and humorous. But that’s not enough to salvage the film. It comes across as just another run of the mill effort with predictable things happening around.In fact, a bit of everything happening around(like a repeat of the song 'Ashayein' from Kukunoor's much superior 'Iqbal' which hapened to be Tapade's debut)

Lena looks good and naturally suits the role. There is not much performance scope for Shreyas Talpade as it’s not a very strong role or something. He is okay. The chemistry between Lena and Shreyas is also strictly okay. Manmeet Singh and Vijay Maurya suit their respective roles. Cinematography is okay and one does get a feel of Thailand and Thai culture. The actress essaying the role of Dr Rati is a little irritating.

‘Bombay to Bangkok’ is not expected to appeal to a large section of viewers. A select few with plenty of time on their hands would probably chose to go for this flick!

-Sneha Hazarika (SAMPURN)

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