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Bollywoods Eternal Onscreen Couples!

Although Bollywood has huge success is love stories today, we must not forget the ones from ...

Published: Saturday,Oct 03, 2009 17:00 PM GMT-06:00
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Although Bollywood has huge success is love stories today, we must not forget the ones from the past! Heres a look at the eternal onscreen couples of Bollywood!

Raj Kapoor-Nargis

Bollywoods Eternal Onscreen Couples!
Often called the 'Charlie Chaplin of Indian Cinema' Raj Kapoor along with Nargis the unconventional beauty revolutionized the concept of romance for the then youth by their bold projection of love.While Raj Kapoor the male icon - was rough, masculine yet loving and Nargis portrayed feminine, coy yet brazen avatars. Their chemistry was intuitive, honest and unpremeditated and this gave their screen presence an extraordinary panache.
The couple was a rage in 1940s and 50s wherein they belted phenomenal hits like 'Barsaat', 'Awaara', 'Andaz', 'Deedar', 'Shree 420' and 'Chori Chori'. Raj and Nargis were romantically linked off screen as well, but their affair never materialized into a matrimonial bond. Nevertheless, their on-screen charizma was immortalized into the famous banner of RK Films.

Shammi Kapoor-Asha Parekh

Bollywoods Eternal Onscreen Couples!
Initially seen as the most atypical 'movie' couple, Shammi Kapoor and Asha Parekh's chemistry was very fascinating to watch. Asha the pretty rich nymphet ready to fall in love; Shammi Kapoor the guy with flamboyance, energy and boyish charm- made a pair fresh, fiesty, firy!

They did many unforgettable films together like Teesri Manzil, Dil Deke Dekho (1959), Pagla Kahin Ka (1970), Jawan Mohobbat (1971).

Dilip Kumar Madhubala

Bollywoods Eternal Onscreen Couples!
Dilip Kumar and Madhubala defined a genre of romance typical only of them great more than just a few stupendous performances. When the couple sang "Jab Pyaar Kiya To Dar Na Kya" for Mughal-E-Azam, the audience could feel the pining for love. Dilip Kumar with his passion & gravity was complimented by the daring beauty and vivacity of Madhubala. The famous on-screen couple fell in love but of a tiff with Dilip Kumar led Madhubala's father to oppose such bonding vehemently. He didn't allow her to be part of the outdoor shoot for 'Naya Daur' which lead to the well known court case which Madhubala lost. In the court room, a dejected Dilip Kumar declared dramatically, 'I shall love her until the day she dies.'  The relationship ended in a bitter note and it is said that during the 10 years  of shooting of Mughal-e-Azam both the stars never spoke to each other, except when facing the lens.

Nevertheless, even today Dilip and Madhubala are cherished for their riveting and stellar contribution to the world of cinema.
They acted together also,  in 'Tarana', 'Sangdil', 'Amar'  but it was 'Mughal-e-Azam' which launched the couple into limelight.

Dharmendra-Hema Malini

Bollywoods Eternal Onscreen Couples!
The He-man and the Dream girl of tinsel town, in their time weaved magic together with their sparkling bonding on screen. They not only looked good together but matched each other in verve and fervor. Dharmendra and Hema complimented each others love and matched comic timing with such spontaniety that their's became a couple generations would watch to be enchanted! The  celebrity on-screen chemistry  shot the jodi to instant fame. Though as a lead pair they acted together in numerous movies, it was during the filming of 'Sholay' when they cupid struck them each for real and they got married in 1980.

The movies they did together were Sholay, Charas, Pratigya, Jugnu, DreamGirl, Azad, Aas Paas and  Seeta Aur Geeta.

Rishi Kapoor Neetu Singh

Bollywoods Eternal Onscreen Couples!
The late 1970's  saw the rise of a famous teenie-bopper on-screen couple in Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh. This couple was like a fresh muse for the audience with their boisterous charm and youthful looks. Rishi and Neetu were the young guns of Bollywood that ushered teenage love and college campus romance in Bollywood films.  Rishi played the flamboyant lover boy with aplomb and the perky attractive girl-next-door Neetu matched him aptly. They gave huge hits such as 'Khel Khel Mein', 'Rafoo Chakkar', 'Amar Akbar and Anthony' and 'Kabhie Kabhie.' Though Neetu was paired with every leading actor of 70s ' including Amitabh Bachchan, Vinod Khanna, Rajesh Khanna, Randhir Kapoor, Jeetandra and Shartughan Sinha, it was Rishi-Neetu jodi that floored the masses. Soon, the on-screen romance translated into real life romance as the couple tied the knot in 1979. The pair is still remembered for its effervescent performance and loads of charm that inspired a whole generation of youngsters.

Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha

Bollywoods Eternal Onscreen Couples!
Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha list among the most romantic and passionate pairs of Bollywood. The 'Angry Young Man' paired with the sensually beautiful lady translated as a wonder-awe-inspiring on-screen couple, so much, that it buzzed off rumours of an alleged link up.  The Bachan baritone that continues to rule tinsel town and the gracefully marked appeal of Rekha which also continues to make its presence in gen X flicks, at that timetogether emanated oodles of charisma and sensuality, making the chemistry magical.
The Movies they did together were Ganga Ki Saugand, Do Anjanee and Mr.Natwarlal.

Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz

Bollywoods Eternal Onscreen Couples!
Rajesh Khanna marked an entire era to himself and his style and ruled the late 60s and 70s by captivating an entire generation of youngsters with his charming good looks and inimitable dialogue delivery with perfect lan. Mumtaz with her hot pout, inescapable feminine charizma and youthful lure, scorched the silver screen with Rajesh Khanna for more than a decade.  
She became an overnight star with her on-screen pairing with 70s superstar Rajesh Khanna in superhits like 'Do Raaste', 'Sachcha Jhoothaa', 'Roti' and 'Bandhan'.

So, which eternal onscreen couple did you prefer?
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