Bollywood's Bothersome Buffoonery

As we look back to the idea of Tell A Joke Day, we at BollyCurry decided to look through the funny scenes from movies that have science and logic crying for mercy! Read on to know more.

- By "Shreya"
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There are those movies that steal our breath away with their brilliance and stay on in the viewers' minds for decades. And then, there are those movies that have such pure unadulterated nonsense that mere mortals cannot survive without damaging their gray matter. Such movies usually feature a classic mixture of bad jokes, senseless story lines, corny dialogues, illogical scenes and disastrous comic timing. As we look back to the idea of Tell A Joke Day, we at BollyCurry decided to look through the funny scenes from movies that have science and logic crying for mercy!

Jokes that fall flat
If there is one thing worse than a movie having a senseless plot, it is a movie having no plot at all. And if such a movie is incorporated with jokes that fall so flat that even the wall feels a twinge of envy, it is truly painful to watch. Housefull (2010)

is one such movie where the characters, or rather the caricatures, are involved with senseless irate antics like incessant slapping for no good reason, sleep walking and such, that annoy more than they amuse. The final scene where the characters laugh their way out of a tense situation because of a laughing gas leak not only leaves the audience in varying stages of seriousness but also has them clutching their last straws of sanity.

Another movie topping the lists of such aneurysm-bursting ridiculousness is Sajid Khan's 

Humshakals (2014). With paranthas made of cocaine, an exaggerated mental illness and the cringe inducing chaos of lookalikes, the movie has one bargaining their souls with the very devil to escape. It goes without saying that Ram Kapoor playing a 'Me Tarzan You Jane' with a female version of Ram Kapoor isn't something you get away from with all your brain cells intact.

Jokes that hurt sentiments

There are times when a humorous scene makes its way to tickling the funny bone with the grace of a pregnant amnesiac on roller skates and ends up fanning the flames of fury rather than inducing humour. Finding Fanny (2014) has a

sequence with Naseeruddin Shah flinging a cat in the air leading to the untimely death of the animal. The fact that the scene was supposed to be humorous is downright disturbing. Grand Masti (2013) has a couple of offensive jokes on sensitive issues like rape that are as

dumb as they are offensive. You don't expect that the makers to find humour in such situations any more than you expect Matru ki Bijlee Ka Mandola (2013) to revolve around a pink buffalo.

Jokes that defy logic
Sometimes Bollywood goes overboard with its gravity and logic defying scenes that one could have cotton for brains and yet cringe at the nonsensical gibberish. Singh Is Kinng (2008)

has a scene where the blood is shown bubbling over and finally bursting out from the confines of the tube as a literal representation of blood boiling. The overall scene is about as funny as an uncooked French toast.

 Dhoom 3 (2013) has Abhishek Bachchan breaking a tough looking brick wall with an auto-rickshaw that swivels on the front tyre; a scene which would have surely caused our great scientists turning in their graves. These movies make us realize that we overestimate the gray cells of the makers while they think our IQ levels are no higher than that of Supandi.

The array of bad movies that keep piling up like geological strata in the world of Bollywood include Chandni Chowk To China (2009), Tees Maar Khan (2010), Aag (2007), Gunday (2014)  and Himmatwala(2013)  amongst others. They not only make us question our own gray matter, but wish that the makers had donated theirs to medicine. And they make us laugh... Not the heartfelt laughter that rumbles from within but hysterical laughter at the self-inflicted cruelty for watching these movies and sometimes the sadistic laughter knowing there are others too ruing over the same filmy ride to hell. With this, BollyCurry bids adieu leaving you to jot down which of these movies had you running to the nearest exit to simply save your sanity in the comment box below.

Author: Aditi P. 
Editor(s): Shikha A. and Gunia K.
Graphics: Shikha A.

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