Birthday Stars Varunn Jain and Neelu Vaghela miss celebrating their birthdays together!

The popular mother son jodi of Star Plus’ popular show Diya Aur Baati Hum share their real life birthdays together and they are missing celebrating it together unlike last year.

The much loved Bhabho (Neelu Vaghela) of Shashi Sumeet Mittal's popular show Diya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus and her beloved on-screen son Mohit (Varunn Jain) is having their special day today. The on-screen Jodi of mother son are celebrating their birthdays today. It's quite a lovely co-incidence that both of them share their birthdays in real life on the same date. 

Last year, the duo celebrated their birthdays together on the sets of Diya Aur Baati Hum by cutting a cake but this year it's not happening because Neelu is shooting in Udaipur whereas Varunn is enjoying his break as the entire unit of Diya Aur Baati Hum is not shooting today.

TellyBuzz spoke to both of them to know about their birthday plans. 

An elated Neelu told TellyBuzz, "I am shooting for my Home Productions' movie Raju Rathore in Udaipur and yesterday I was shooting in Ajmer for my show. I will be enjoying my birthday with my entire cast and crew of my movie. I will cut my birthday cake tonight with them and have lots of Rajasthani dishes like Daal Baati ChurmaGatte Ki Sabzi, Lahsan ki chatni... yummy...!! I reached Udaipur today morning only and they all were waiting for me after doing lots of preparations for me. They all were awake the whole night for me despite of their shooting scheduled for the morning. It was so sweet of them. Arvindji kept everybody awake on the sets for my birthday. He has gifted me a diamond set. My kids are in Mumbai and they are getting angry on me as I didn't take them along with me. I am missing them so much. They are sending me the pics of cakes and gifts they are buying for me. I will be celebrating my birthday with them when I will be back to Mumbai."

Talking about the lovely co-incidence of sharing her birthday with her on-screen beloved son Varunn, Neelu told us, "This kind of co-incidence hardly exists in any industry that on-screen mother son duo are sharing their real life birthdays together. Varunn is missing me a lot today and he called me today morning and told how much he is missing me. I will be celebrating my birthday with Varunn on the sets when I will be back to Mumbai. I will celebrate it for him because he is alone there. We will cut a cake together and enjoy to the fullest. The entire Rathi family wished me on my birthday. 

Neelu is overwhelmed with the wishes of the fans and says, "All my fans are showering me with so many messages and wishes as their love for me. In today's time when people are so busy with their own life and still if they are taking time for you to wish you on your birthday then you hold a very special place in their life. I am really very lucky to get so much of love from the people, they are wishing me, they wait for messages and they want to talk to me." 

Thanking her fans for their birthday wishes for her, Neelu told, "Humne maana ki mohabbat zindagi barbaad karti hai... Apki Bhabho ko waqayi ap sab se itni mohabbat hai... yeh kya kam hai ki mar jaane par duniya yaad karti hai..!! My birthday wish is that I want Diya Baati and the love of my fans keeps growing every year. Bhabho loves you all a lot."  

Though Varunn is enjoying his birthday with his friends since he is getting an off today but the birthday boy is missing his on-screen family a lot. Varunn told us, "I am not shooting today and I haven't made any such plans yet. I might go out with my friends in the evening. Few of my friends came at my place last night, I cut my birthday cake with them and then we went to Novotel's coffee shop and then came back home at 3 AM. I have got few gifts like clothes and home dcor items so far and I will be getting more in the evening. I am planning to gift myself lots of clothes today as I want to change my wardrobe." 

Varunn's on-screen mom Neelu who shares her birthday with him is very much missed by Varunn today. The birthday boy feels very happy to share his birthday with her as he avers, "It's quite a good co-incidence that I share my birthday with my on-screen mother. We share the same mother son like bonding off-screen as well. Last time we celebrated our birthdays together. I called her in the morning to wish her and I also told her that I am missing her lots today and everyone on the sets. Initially, when I told everybody that I am sharing my birthday with Bhabho, then nobody believed in my family and neither on the sets. When everybody got to know about it then everybody was so happy and excited. I live alone in Mumbai far away from my family but my on-screen family never let me feel alone."

Thanking his fans for their wishes, Varunn concluded, "Thanks to all of you for your love and support. I will keep them entertaining always. I have never wished anything for myself. I have always wished for my family members."  

TellyBuzz wishes Varunn and Neelu a very happy birthday and a successful year ahead! 

Anwesha Kamal



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