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#BiggBoss8Gossip - Ali Quli Mirza uses his special power and nominates Sushant!

Wild card contestant Ali Quli Mirza nominates Sushant Divgikar for the next eviction using his special power.

Published: Thursday,Oct 16, 2014 17:22 PM GMT-06:00
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Bigg Boss 8 on Colors has already geared up with many twists and turns to grab the eyeballs of the masses. With every new task, new enemies and friends are made inside the house. To add more spices in the show, a new wild card entry has entered the house to grab more attention.

This new entry is of a famous singer Ali Quli Mirza who has already made his way in the house. As soon as he entered the house, he was given a special power and made the first captain of the house.

Ali has to nominate one of the contestants for the next week. As the contestants have been striving hard to secure their place in the house for more than many weeks, so it was not a tough decision for him to nominate the contestant as he already knows their behavior.

He has nominated Sushant Divgikar for the next week's elimination and this will make Sushant quite upset as till now Sushant has played the game pretty well. Even when the nine contestants were nominated, he is one of the safe contestants.

Well it will be interesting to see the reaction of Sushant after getting nominated by Ali Quli Mirza.

To know more keep reading the space.

Neha Jain

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Semeira 8 years ago Sushant deserv the nomination Ali did right, Sushant should stop behaving like a KING and should get the fact that he is equal to all other contestants
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TellyFanatic4va 8 years ago Very bad job done by the journalist of giving him the tag of "Mr. Gay" definanetly not appropriate at all! You can't just discriminate someone and demolish their reputation because they are gay! The world says it has changed but it can never change with such disriminitive thinking. Just gross!!!!!
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Pori 8 years ago "MR Gay Sushant Divgikar?"
That is very disappointing that you put his sexual preference before his name. That is offending and discriminating. As a writer, you should keep those things in check
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Eccentrica 8 years ago Get some good writers please; the grammar makes me queasy Confused
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OmkaraKiParvati 8 years ago Whatever... I dnt care as long as Pritam, Praneet and Gautam are safe.. And even Sonali.. Others can go wherever they want..
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g00800 8 years ago Sushant was quite upset later on as seen in yesterday's live feed.
Can't this season be more interesting and entertaining?
We only have violence, rona dhona, bitching, now even boys especially Puneet. Earlier seasons like 4 & 6 were better. Even last year's was good.
Anyways all the best to the contestants.
As for now, Gautam is entertaining but when he overdoes his over- acting, he does become irritating., Pritam has been playing very well., Karishma is a good player but she always does what people tells her to do and end up doing same by upsetting some other contestants.
Praneet is good but should avoid giving lecture to others and not try to be Puneet.
Even the new entrant seems okay. Upen Patel is rather playing it safe but he is boring. He does all the tasks given to him and helps others in the household chores. He tries to be a peacemaker but other than this he just lie in his bed and doing nothing interesting.
Sonali was good this week but she is not a reliable person. She was first with Gautam, then Upen, then with Arya and now back to Gautam. I did not expect her to cry yesterday as she normally portrays herself to be strong. Even some of the housemates who are closed to her said why was she crying as seen in the live feed and sneak peak video.
Sushant, Soni and Diandra are average.
Arya does too much acting. Puneet, despite being the eldest has low moral values and he is the one who keeps back biting and trying to manipulate people in the house. I wish that Pritam and Gautam leave his company. Minissha is boring and Natasha as well despite Natasha always helps in the tasks.
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LoLo 11 years ago Reviews mean nothing to me. If I want to go see a film or if it looks good to me, I go to see it. I don't care what any reviewer writes about any movie. Even though I didn't like Transformers II we still went to see the third one, because it a franchise film. If I like SRK or Salman, I will see their movies regardless of reviews. At the end of the day a review is just one man's opinion.
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R.A.J 11 years ago @ Kajendelena - i ws about to say d same.

Itz an entertaining article. I seriously wonder how present salman movies gt gud reviews or for dt matter many movies which have big stars.

D best thng to do is take d money n write wt u feel is true. Woh log thodi na case karsakte :P

I dnt knw about othrz, but i still go to movies after reading d review, unless it has my fav stars :P2011-10-19 06:19:30
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..KaJenDelena.. 11 years ago lOl. I think this article is sooo entertaining. Its kinda unbelievable... but i guess anything is entertaining when avoiding assignments ;)
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tomnjerry2 11 years ago awww u did not hav moneyy to pay for CC2C ?? !!!Wacko
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