#BiggBoss 12: This Video Exposes Srishty Rode's True Nature!

We see you, Srishty!


Ever since Srishty Rode was evicted from the Bigg Boss 12 house, the show has not been the same. And it looks like not just the actress herself but her fans too are not over the amazing girl Srishty is! 

In a video that has been circulating on the social media, Srishty is seen helping other girls from house to glam up on countless occasions. The video starts with Srishty applying mousse on her fellow contestant, Megha Dhade's hair. She further goes ahead and gives Megha a cool, high pony-tail. This only goes to prove that Srishty is a sucker for cool hairstyles as she gave Jasleen Kaur one too. 

Srishty tied Jasleen's hair in a traditional braided parandi. Well, not just hairstyles Srishty is good with beauty treatments too and was  spotted threading Surbhi Rana's upper-lips, followed by Deepika Kakkar's eyebrows. Isn't it very nice of Srishty?!

The video in question is a compilation of various beauty and style moments from the season 12. The video to set to Aicha, a peppy song, by the Denmark based music band, Outlandish. 

The video is shared with a long message, trying to convey that Srishty is indeed an amazing girl. Read the most important part of the message... 

Srishty is so jealous that she always helped all the girls in the house to get groomed and get dressed irrespective of her equation with them. I love this 'jealous'' girl. I wonder which jealous girl helps other girls in looking beautiful. You don't always have to sing what you have done for people around you, when you do it will show whether Bigg Boss airs it in their well edited 45 min episodes or not! :).. Final words: As a close friend of @srishtyrode24 said, 'Rode is not rude, Rode is cute.''   

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